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Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by Princess Pooper, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    Yet another tightening of red tractor being proposed. Although I agree with some of it and we already cover most of it off in our herd health plan, some of these requirements are getting just a tad irritating. So as a 2 person operation they are now suggesting we have to document our cleaning protocol for the calving aid :banghead::banghead:

    Consultation closes 1 July, make sure you get involved!
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  2. nonemouse

    nonemouse Member

    North yorks
    that about sums up my thoughts when I got the email. As a 1 person unit seem to have spent a lot of time already documenting 'protocols' recently for farm assurance/arlagargan, milksure, plus crop assurance, plus paperwork for the bit of contacting I do :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
  3. Never ending FFS . I know I am an irritable old git ,but surely there has to be an end to all the ideas
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  4. bigw

    bigw Member

    Its all starting to get very tedious, it would be one thing if we were getting more for doing it or if they were managing to weed out the worst offenders. I was speaking to a farmer in the pub one night who was openly boasting about buying drugs illegally from Ireland, that's the people that should get hammered in my opinion.
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  5. Alfred

    Alfred Member

    Probably need to generate more income from return visits to pay another highly payed executive . DSC_0882~2.JPG
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  6. som farmer

    som farmer Member

    they have got to keep finding more 'things' for us to do, otherwise they can't justify their jobs, and we have to do them to keep being able to sell our product.
    we got charged £75 for a second visit, having passed the first one, 'to see the cows in the cubicles' as our last visit was when the cows were out at grass.
    I see we have another £30 cost on this months milk statement, god only knows what that is for.
    I hope this is not the start of a 'new' income stream for red tractor, charging for 'extra' visits' to 'check' on things that were not relevant at the time of the previous visit
  7. buffalo_soldier

    Oh, don't get me started, just had my vets vets invoice for the hhp.:eek:
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  8. Reading this , and coupled with the rain , I need the 'gentleman' from the southern continent to ring me from 'BT Openreach' About your broadband sir !! ,so I can 'persude ' him of his errors
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  9. Big_D

    Big_D Member

    S W Scotland
  10. Thanks Big D . I have been meaning to read it
  11. Paul E

    Paul E Member

    Sunny Yorkshire
    Thats a fantastic idea!
    I've never washed my calving aid, and really wouldn't have a clue to start if there wasn't a protocol to follow.

    Rhymes with Bankers.
  12. I think in fairness , its more to do with bigger farms with more staff , some possibly from other countries , that need to know the ins and outs of protocol?
    Ensuring thats taken care of is interesting !? Not a problem for other units ,where its more a case of telling the assessor the right procedures ,during the visit ? I usually feel a bit like a robot at this time .

    The stuff about training is being addressed with the Milksure training some (Or all) of us are undergoing at this time also ,in conjunction with the vet.

    It still makes me a bit mad :pompous:
  13. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    not sure what you are all complaining about this is what you signed up for and more will be along next year and the next year and the next year................................
    so chin up, just think of all the parasites you are keeping in a job (y)
    farming full of parasites selling you the world and delivering nothing
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  14. lazy farmer

    lazy farmer Member

    som/dor border
    Don’t forget there is more than one type of parasite
    Firstly there is parasiteregutorium
    Whom you have no choice but to tick their boxes and fill in their forms stating that you are fit and proper to look after your stock. Despite you know that stock are living in the best conditions of your career.
    Secondly there is parasitedepreciatium
    These are particularly devious as they sell snake oil in the form of kit that despite best efforts breaks down and loses value whilst you look at it.thy also work in a different inflation world to the rest of the industry where call out charges and hourly rates and picked out of thin air.
    Lastly there is parasitesundrium
    This group supply stuff that maybe needed maybe not but rest assured all efforts will be made to sell the value added product that will at best pay for itself at worst be difficult to notice any improvement but you are scared to take it out in case things get worse.
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  15. Durry cows

    Durry cows Member

    Good read that :LOL:
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  16. Jamer

    Jamer Member

    No parasiteconsultum?
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