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RND 119 BK

Discussion in 'Competition Ploughing' started by RW1, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. RW1

    RW1 New Member

    Had anybody any experience with RND 119 BK boards. Do they do a good job. I see some trailer men using RNDs but not sure which ones. Think the 69 BK are an inch or so wider so would they be better?
  2. Ley253

    Ley253 Member

    Used 119s for years, at ten inches on a 15 RSLD trailer plough., worked well. Qualified for the 1982 national, not a good idea, had to go and buy a tractor with hydraulics, and borrow a plough! 69`s are the same, apart from being four inches deeper in front.
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  3. Howard150

    Howard150 Member

    Just doing a plough now with them on. Gave it a run before I started and was impressed. As Harry so rightly says they are virtually the same width at the back, the difference being the landside edge. On a 119 the top edge of the board is a fairly uniform curve starting at the share to midway down the board. On a 69 the landside edge follows the landside to a sharp point and then changes direction to meet the top of the board at the back, leaving the top and bottom edges parallel from the skife backover, in effect just filling the top corner. The difference is not great but on some soils will prevent the furrow from going straight over the board.
    As in all things brightness is all and I would imagine that very much like RWM’s, they will not plough unless Super bright.
    119’s are probably the easiest option as 69’s are the proverbial hens teeth. Word of warning. If you do manage to find a pair of 69’s, it will not automatically make you Ray Alderson. It’s not just the board that counts but the main wearing part, the C nut on the seat.
    Second word of warning. They can still be beaten by either a bad judge or a good guy with YL’s.
  4. I have 2 pair of 119 and 2 pair 69s, and what is said above is spot on,
    and Ray could probably get away with a buckled bit of corrugated tin sheet, and still win, he is a top plough man
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  5. RW1

    RW1 New Member

    Thanks very informative reply’s. Yea Ray does a fantastic job with his. I’ve got couple of trailer plough one with 183s and one with FRDCP so just interested to try a RNDs.
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  6. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    I see there is a trailer plough on Ebay with 119's on at £500 currently

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