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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by farmgineer, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Morning all, I have a bit of land just off a motorway and I am thinking of putting some advertising boards in (old trailers). Any idea of the legality and what sort of rate you can charge? There are plenty about and there are some full size LED ones in Birmingham on the side of the M6 so I cant see it being completely outlawed if done correctly? Thanks
  2. Depends on the the local council - around here they knee cap you for thinking about it!
  3. upnortheast

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    Council don`t like it round here - because it may distract drivers ........... Then they sell advertising space on roundabouts. When I would have thought drivers should have plenty to concentrate on without reading ads :scratchhead:
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    Bury St Edmunds
    From a legal standpoint, you need planning which is highly unlikely to be forthcoming.
    I think most of those you see are put up by chancers and it much depends on councils responding, if you have a neighbour who does not like it you have littlechance of it staying.
    Get your money from the advertisers first some of the posters are equally chancers!
    You do have a right to place hoardings for 28 days in a year I believe
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    Thank you all, 28 days is interesting as it could be used to advertise local events etc... Does anyone know which bit of the planning law these would come under?
  6. Boydvalley

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    On to you straight away here. A46. However can advertise an event 4 weeks before so long as date on advert.We do have a hoarding advertising a small market garden down the next turning on a trailer that has been up for 5 years(but seasonal). Someone put a none local advert on the back of this trailer was told to remove it the next day!
  7. I thought that a trailer didn't need permission as it was a mobile structure. Surely that's the only reason for using curtainsiders rather than fixed structures?
  8. David.

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    J11 M40
    I think they merely add to the general junkyness of the countryside and should be outlawed, and the perpetrators exiled to somewhere hot and smelly.... Along with the placers of red and white oil drum horse jumps, and the owners/neglectors of black and white tinker's ponies.
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  9. That was my understanding too. As in, "I'm just parking my grain trailer here, and the name of my Sponsor is on it, so the good people of the area can see it when I drive around at harvest time"
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    Glamorgan Wales
    Council want money.
    You try and do all legal ,but so many hoops and issues not worth it.
    EU regs., size,shape ,siteing, contracts ,demographic (being a cup and saucer for cafe,bed for hotel etc.) then bilingual (Wales) so with ALL that criteria a small finger post sign becomes a huge hording that no one wants and thousands Council want for the pleasure too?
    Coucil got crazy ideas?

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