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Russell single chop flail mower.

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by renewablejohn, May 17, 2018.

  1. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Any vintage farmers around. My trusty Russell flail mower has collapsed its main flail shaft bearing. In removing the bearing I had to use the universal tool and both the cast iron V pulley and bearing are smashed to bits. I have heard that David Brown copied parts for there own flail. Anyone know if this is correct and if so where I might get parts from. Its a 4 belt V pulley.
  2. traineefarmer

    traineefarmer Member

    Mid Norfolk
    Got any pictures or dimensions? It ought to be possible to adapt something off the shelf to get you going again.
  3. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Cannot believe it. Called in at my local agri engineers with a bucket full of bits and they have the right size bearing off the shelf. Then onto bearing services for the 4 V belt pulley and its down for next day delivery. All I need now is a couple of flail blades and I will be back in action. Not bad for a bit of kit thats over 60 years old.
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  4. Magnums'R'Us

    Magnums'R'Us Member

    Try Russells at Malton they may still have some blades, they made them!!! 01653 698000
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  5. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    I knew it would not be that simple. Got it all back together and the shaft is bent between the bearing and the pulley. It does actually run but the vibration is so great it will break the new bearing before I get half way across the field. So any bright ideas to straighten the shaft. From the bearing to the end of the shaft is about 9 inches.
  6. old vin ag

    old vin ag Member

    I believe the David Brown Hurricane Forage Harvester marketed and sold in the 1960's was manufactured for them by Russell's of Kirbymoorside at
    Kirbymoorside Yorkshire. Russell also made quite a range of equipment which was sold through appointed dealers throughout the UK. When we had the work in the 1970's delivering the equipment a Mr Roy Watson was in charge of the manufacturing and machine sales. There were two salesmen on the road. In the Southern Part of the country was a Mr Chris Roberts but I can't remember the nam of the person covering the North .
    In those days the retail side of the business were main agents for David Brown with just the 1Depot . Now of course they are New Holland distributors with a few extra depots. Always a good company to work with spent many happy hours with team at the major shows where they had a stand. Another contract they had was making Flat 8 Accumalators and Flat 8 bale grabs all painted red which we transported in full loads down to Farmhand Ltd at Wymondham in Norfolk.
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  7. Ley253

    Ley253 Member

    Strip it all out and visit a man with a good press, a boilermaker would be a good start. Mendip steam restorations have straightened many bent plough beams etc for me. As an alternative, heat the outside of the bend to red heat and allow to cool completly, it should move back, continue until shaft is straight.
  8. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    What a good idea. Had totally forgot about my steam engineer having the right gear to straighten this shaft. Only problem I see now is how to remove the flail from the shaft.

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