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  1. I am a long term Samsung fan but still using my Note 4 which has had about 5 new batteries and is years old.

    Might be worth looking at newer models but not the latest and greatest.

    Android really is the winner on phones IMO.
  2. Av Gorritt

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    I thought so too at first , but I had the "edge" version and broke the screen almost first time I cleaned it -- never broke a screen ever , neither before nor since . and since the local phone shop couldn't repair - it had to go back to Samsung , I scrapped it . I didn't know that the s9 had "eye unlock" , not that it matters greatly , I don't lock mine anyway . There are quite a few "brand new sealed "ones on the FB marketplace , all colours and capacities , £350 to £550 ish . S8 or 9 Unwanted upgrades or similar , probably getting out before the S10 comes -- 28th of this month I think . I've always bought mine from "e Global " - playing with fire perhaps but I've never had a moments trouble with either the phones , delivery, payments or the company .
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    My s7 edge lasted until it got to my daughter so about 2 and a half years, fine with myself and then my wife, I do get a case for every phone before I take it to work I must say, my daughter then completely buggered it :unsure: I only lock mine to avoid the pocket dialling.
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    NE Ches / SE Lancs
    I always used to button my phones in my boiler suit breast pocket , as being relatively safe there . I now use my shirt pocket , but that doesn't matter anyway , as I don't get into the places that i used too . Rest of our lot are Apple afficionados , one member has his screen tied up with old sticking plaster, duct tape and probably baler twine as well , and I think that happened about 4 days from new .
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  6. It replaced a Motorola MotoG 32GB that was basically full up
    It works just fine although the new Android Pie takes a bit of getting used to
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    I've just renewed my telephone, broadband and three mobile SIM card business contracts. I get the mobiles for £5+VAT a month with 600 minutes each, unlimited texts and 1gig data.

    Also ordered a cheap Android phone for my brother, taking him into the 21st Century. A Nokia 2.1 plus a flip case. The phone cost £83.32 and is a big step up from his Motorola flip phone.
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    I bought a Tuff phone T1 in early December , my first smart phone. Does the job and seems to be sticking the work. It's much bigger than previous phones and I can t therefore put in trouser pocket so have a sock I put it in and have to try and be careful where I carry it as can t do with the holding in hand all the time which you see in town ! Thinking of a smart watch now (!) and when spraying can leave in cab but still receive calls/texts while outside filling etc. Progress ehh !!
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    Same boat as you. Son has s7 edge and shop said a7 alegadly spec slightly slower but not noticable and cheaper for replacement screen

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