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Should I get my Fergie resprayed

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Loftyrules, Aug 11, 2018.


Should I have the Fergie resprayed

Poll closed Aug 11, 2018.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Loftyrules

    Loftyrules Member

    Trawden UK
    Now the tractor is back up and running the big question in my head is should I get the tractor resprayed (professionally) or leave it original, I am torn.

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  2. Tigger

    Tigger Member

    From your photos it does look as if the paintwork is not in bad shape, after a good clean. But ultimately it's you who will be living with the decision so it should be what you prefer, but a relevant question is: Will you be showing it or just using it for work?

    It's actually quite interesting how divided views are on this kind of thing. In the steam preservation world (both road and rail) the majority opinion is that proper restoration including repaint is much preferred, and most locomotive and engine owners, and preserved railways, take a good deal of pride in the regular cleaning and polishing of paintwork. But when it comes to antique furniture, many people advocate and prefer leaving things as original as possible, even when it looks tatty and neglected (or in other words nothing like it was made).

    Given that 'original' cannot last forever, certainly outside of a museum, I'm more inclined to turn tatty and neglected into clean and cared for - and sometimes this is not really possible without a proper restoration and repaint (or re-French polish, in some furniture).

    Here's a vintage steam locomotive that had its 150th birthday in 2014 - I suspect its original paint would have been slightly faded by now:

  3. colhonk

    colhonk Member

    It will look original even if you brush paint it,as most were repainted in the day,(I know ,I was that person;)) Spending a lot on proffesional shiney paint does nothing for T20`s> although I have been known to be wrong,(apparently):D
  4. honeyend

    honeyend Member

    I have a look at a couple of collections and new and shiny does nothing for me. I like things that look as if they have had a life.
    If you are selling the purists want something that looks like its just come out of the wrapper and what you have done will never be good enough
  5. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Looks ok as is.
    Just change the tyres ?
  6. Ukjay

    Ukjay Member

    Depends if you wish to show it, use it - or store it, as looks no worse that ours:

    Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 11.32.33.png
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  7. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Nice modern one with lift pump ?
  8. Ukjay

    Ukjay Member

    When you say modern one - what era?

    Im trying to find out the age - as there are some numbers on the engine that I believe will help me track it down. It has a plate riveted on showing 14.3.56?
  9. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Not certain but thought later 50's had lift pumps ?
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  10. Ukjay

    Ukjay Member

    That would indicate the plate is probably correct then, as it shows 56

    Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 12.03.51.png
  11. Loftyrules

    Loftyrules Member

    Trawden UK
    Believe mine is 56 and also has a lift pump
  12. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    anyone can have a tarted up thing
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  13. Tigger

    Tigger Member

    anyone can have a dirty rust bucket


    Just teasing.

    Looking back at my first post I realise that I meant to say and forgot to - but from your photos your tractor and its paintwork looks in pretty good shape, so it certainly doesn't *need* a repaint, but you might want to for pride or satisfaction, in the end it's your call. I wouldn't like to say yes or no.
  14. 12 bore

    12 bore Member

    1. My personal opinion is with ours I tend to only repaint if a lot of tin has to be replaced paint really poor and would generally look odd if had bits replaced. Yours looks nice as is in my opinion especially if it's going yo be used.
  15. Loftyrules

    Loftyrules Member

    Trawden UK
    That’s a fairly conclusive leave it as it is. Having read the comments I tend to agree, it will be a working tractor not a show pony, and I have always remembered it looking like this from when my Grampi had it
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  16. TheTallGuy

    TheTallGuy Member

    Shiny could come from anywhere, but 'original' tells the story of the tractor. If this tractor means something to you then I would recommend just cleaning/tidying up, - once you start messing with paint there's no route back to 'original', plus you can always buy another one if you want a bit of bling.
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  17. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    The tinwork ( the bit that could end up in holes ) looks good. I'd be tempted to paint the wheels, and leave it at that.
    I can't abide rust myself. It ends sooner or later in holes, which is a nightmare to fix.
    Don't think much of the " oily rag " restoration either. Leaving pools of oil here, there, and everywhere after it rains is not very professional....:LOL:
  18. carpenter1

    carpenter1 Member

    I like tractors to look good, but not be scared to work it to.
    I am going to do our mf 165, it will get used. So will not do it in 2 pack.
  19. I wouldn't waste your money
    Old Grey's ain't worth it in reality and
    Because a balls up paint job looks nasty you can actually make them look worse

    Just give it a good steam off get some autosmart triple food cleaner and hot wash it 2 or 3 times
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  20. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    Well I am the opposite, mainly as all the ones I have I have restored, gone through and done everything that needed doing on them. So a full on restoration and yes I even have shiny 2k paint too but I use mine and my main ploughing tractor is chipped/dinged etc etc as one would expect from plenty of use. So the tractor can then have another 40 years of history added to it. I guess it's all down to how you like you kit, if immaculate then it can only go downhill but if it looks shagged it's never going to turn itself into a supermodel is it!!
    I do however have another TEF that I bought cheaply and it looks a wreck but I like it so intend to go through it mechanically and leave the rest as it is (I am not sure my OCD nature will cope!) and have a MF35x Multipower that looks like a shed but will be restored properly.
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