Sledgehammer: Hickory or Fibreglass?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by cotswoldcs, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. As above, which would you buy and why?

    Is 10lb a sensible size?
  2. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    14lb, and fibreglass, i'm fed up of rotten handles where others leave them outside, i have to replace them.
  3. olivia

    olivia New Member

    Hickory if you use it properly. If you're a heathen or someone else is using it go for fibreglass.
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  4. Can't beat a nice bit of hickory
  5. mx110

    mx110 Member

    Of going fiberglass don't go cheap and nasty, not good when a 14lb head sets itself free.
  6. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset

    There's nothing like a nice piece of hickory
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  7. eulb

    eulb Member

    1"1/2 galv pipe:whistle: They last forever,well till you lose it.:)
  8. multi power

    multi power Member

    14lb hickory
  9. Jock

    Jock Member

    Central Scotland
    Had that happen the other day with my Roughneck 14lb fencing maul.
    Had it 4 years. Going back to Hickory now.
  10. Longlowdog

    Longlowdog Member

    sledge/hammers/fencing hammer that do not rely on follow through for energy = fibreglass, axes and picks hickory. F'glass absorbs vibrations very well and will protect your wrists and elbows at the expense of a little energy. Axes and pickaxes require less damping to allow the whole extent of the energy to be transferred to the job. Buy well, cry once.
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  11. AJR75

    AJR75 Member

    Hickory. 14lb, can't be doing with these fibreglass type things
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  12. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

  13. Notquiteretired

    West Lothian
    I've just replaced my shank at the weekend (we call them a Mel) last one luckily smashed off on impact and not on the way up!

    Carefully got the two metal edges out and made a 2-3" wedge out of the old shank. New shank in, old shank wedge in at 45 degrees as you look down and the 2 metal wedges in nicely spaced 90 degrees to the wooden wedge then the excess hickory battered and splayed across the top of the head and left in water over night. As good as new with a little bit of the old one for good luck!
  14. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    Better than both - staff.
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  15. Gatehouse Farm

    Yep do the same here. Fed up with handles breaking, hickory or fibreglass.
  16. exmoor dave

    exmoor dave Member

    exmoor, uk
    but doesn't any shocks travel right up the metal handle in to you wrist? :X3:
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  17. Hickory for me all the time. Oil the handles yearly, seems to extend the life IMHO.

    With axes, I have carved out Ash handles before.

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  18. Gatehouse Farm

    Yes but I try not to use it more than necessary
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  19. aidan

    aidan Member


    when buying new, its possible that if its an expensive one it just might have a hickory handle

    hickory is good stuff and will last a while 4-5yrs maybe all depends how much u use it, but eventually it will break, thus u need a replacement and its impossible in Ireland anyway get a good quality replacement handle

    thus buy one with a fiberglass handle
  20. Handles tend to break when you miss. And hit the shaft can't say I've ever had one rot

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