South East Kent, pest management


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Offering my services for pest control.

Have all the equipment including night vision etc, been shooting over 20 years

I only manage one golf course, and one fishery at the moment so looking for other odd jobs around Kent area

Will take on rats, feral pigeons, squirrels, rabbits, crows etc

Been looking into doing some beating or picking up around my area at shoots to meet some of the locals but thought would post here too

Always try and look after whoever I do pest management for with game pies or a bottle of whiskey :)

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138: Special episode: Covid-19 impact on the Potato sector

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138: Special episode: Covid-19 impact on the Potato sector

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In this special issue of the Potatoes Podcast we will discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the Potato Markets. A fresh update on how Covid-19 has resulted in an increased demand on the retail market, while the chipping market has suffered the hardest hit. The uncertainty of the current situation will force businesses to...