Stepped last bay on building

We're doing a job for a customer for a grain store, store is 80'x50 with a 30' x 20' extension on the end for the dryer to live in.

So the last bay isn't as wide as the rest of the shed and customer can't decide which way he wants to do

Option 1


Option 2


I suggested option 1 because it's easier cheaper and neater to do, customer thinks option 2 will look better.

Any thoughts or pictures?


North Yorkshire
I love customers who know my job better than I. If he wants option 2 and you have told him it will be dearer, tell him how many thousands dearer. He's a farmer, he'll make the right choice.
When you're spending 10s of thousands on something that you look at for the rest of your working life then it wants to be right doesn't it? An extra £1k or 2 is hardly a deal breaker in that situation for something that the customer would be happy with. It doesn't sound like the customer is "telling Bob his job", just putting forward a couple of options?

If the full width bay wasn't possible the I think the option 2 would look better IMO.

The customer may not always be right but he's still the 1 paying the bill [emoji6]


Mixed Farmer
I would of thought option one would be the better option as if he decides to extend the shed in the future for any reason he will only need one new rafter rather than two if he extends option two. Always try to make things as future proof as possible.

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