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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Tarw Coch, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Tarw Coch

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    Don't hear much of them nowadays, I thought they'd dissapeared into CNH.
    But lately a small machinery dealer near here seems to have been sharing a lot of their posts on Facebook, do they still sell into the UK? I'm half expecting an announcement they've taken on the agency. Are they just a Case in different colours now?

    Spot the spelling mistake, don't seem to be able to edit the title, should of course be steyr, damn auto correct!@llamedos, can you help please.
  2. Shutesy

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    Title sorted (y)
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  3. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Think you are right. I believe Tunstall tractors might well supply them?
  4. CrevisbigX

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    Told me you got to deal direct with CNH now.
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  5. Robt

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    Used to love the CS150 I drove... it was way ahead of its time as was the cs94 . Compare that to he 856 or even the 4240 it was years ahead
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  6. james ds

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    The sisu engine put them ahead of most tractors .
  7. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    I had a quick google and tunstall tractors were the only ones in the UK I could see with any connection to steyr but when you look on their website they only seem to have second hand ones for sale so I'm not sure wether their connection with steyr is current or historic.
  8. phil

    phil Member

    As far as I know no dealer in Uk is a steyr dealer, only case and ford offered
    You can buy new steyr in Europe
    Particularly Germany /Austria
    Look well in steyr colours
  9. Spencer

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    North West
    David always could get new ones.. been a while since we’ve had one off him. As mentioned before, good tractors way ahead of their time that always punched above their weight! Had a 9115 that was supposed to be 115hp. On Dyno she was 140 at shaft. Came new like that :D always thought it was lively (y)
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  10. CrevisbigX

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    I was told speak to CNH and they told to go through local Case IH dealer Johnson’s of Cheadle
  11. phil

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    About time, crack on
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  12. In sure they still make "the proper Steyr" quite expensive I think it was the 9100 range.
    They never used to much trouble until parts got cheapened.

    They can be bought but it's a hard process to obtain one,through CNH dealer I believe.
    I remember the 1st CVT 170 coming, after dealing with hundreds of 975s and 90 series
    The CVT was out of this world

    Brilliant tractors in their day and sold really well with a good following too
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  13. 76masseyman

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    image.jpg These two showed up at Mavern a couple of years ago. There used to be one in Lincolnshire, out on the Wolds, like the one on the left, but considerably bigger. Never did find out who owned it, or ever saw it working.
    A contractor in Nottinghamshire has one, but newer type, like the Case equivalent.
  14. An 8150 and possibly a 540
    The 81 were absolutely bombproof I'm sure they had the Daimler engines
    Same class as the older fendts in terms of reliability

    We had an 8165 reverse drive come through 1 of the lads took it tractor pulling at great eccleston
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  16. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Most Case IH mid size are built in Austria at the old steyr factory?
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  17. Gerbert

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    Dutch biblebelt
    All new ones are just case. I have been told that they get alot of options as standard package. Only real difference is the bonnet.
  18. agrimax

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    Co Down
  19. DaveJ

    DaveJ Member

    Old school (SISU engine, ZF CVT) Steyrs are sadly no more. What you get nowadays is a red and white T7/Puma.

    I had a brief play on one of Cefn Llwyd's old school Case Steyrs some years back, pulling horse boxes out of Llanfair Show. Absolute beast of a thing. First time I'd encountered a drive pedal as opposed to a foot throttle and took some getting used to. Plenty of people with more experience of CVT tractors than me argue they have never been surpassed.
  20. 8100

    8100 Member

    South Cheshire
    We had a company ESL (Elevated Scrapers LTD) on the landfill some yrs ago they had a gurt big Steyr on the diesel bowser i can remember seeing Daimler Benz on various parts of it.Dont know how many HP it was but big none the less :):cool:
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