Sulphate of potash

Don't they add MOP to Fibrophos to bring it up to desired levels?

Yes they do

The products are prepared by blending ashes produced from the incineration of poultry manure and associated bedding together with a proportion of timber and other biomass. Up to 15% of potassium chloride (muriate of potash) and/or Triple Super Phosphate and/or Agricultural Grade Chalk (50%NV) may be added to adjust the analysis and up to 15% unreacted lime may remain in certain products in the range.


I think it's a misrepresentation of the truth to associate chloride with chlorine in the sense that their effect is related. But i did only get a C in gcse chemistry. What do you say Philip?
It all depends what your aim is, I would like to use it

I know at moment the price differential between MOP and SOP makes its use cost prohibitive

I am using sulphate of ammonia and muriate of potash, not the same thing but that's farming


I read that during World War 2 they used MOP to compact runways
Also potassium chloride is what used as lethal injection in US
I like my bugs and if I add any at drilling I'd prefer not to execute them

Ryegrass controls stack up

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Learning from the successes of growers’ black-grass control programmes gives a raft of integrated cultural and herbicide strategies that can also be used to hit back at increasing ryegrass populations, advises Syngenta Technical Manager, Georgina Wood.

“Key to that success is stacking up as many of those options as is practically possible in a farm situation.”

  • Delay drilling
  • Adapt cultivations
  • Increase spring cropping
  • Grow competitive crops
  • Prioritise pre-emergence applications
  • Stack pre-em herbicides
  • Optimise treatment timing and...