Tanker vacuum pump


I recently bought a secondhand tanker that had been layed up for quite a while. It had only been used for water. The guy had said the pump maybe seized. I don't know much about tankers but thehe change over on top is moving no problem but I can't turn the shaft with a bar and I'm afraid to put it on the tractor in case it wrecks it. What's the best thing to do? Strip it down? Or try the tractor?
If it has sat for a long-time, then the most likely cause is a vein stuck. If you intend to use it regularly it would be worthwhile spending a day and stripping the pump down, cleaning, new bearings and seals, square off or replace the veins and make sure the oiler's are clear and working OK. Give the rotor and veins a good cover of oil, as well as the pump body before re-assembly.

Sometimes after a complete strip-down and assembly they don't work immediately (which is why a liberal covering of oil before assembly is good practice as it helps provide a good seal), if not, spray a good ammount of duck oil into the inlet side. All sounds like allot of work, but it is low cost and well worthwhile, don't forget to top up the oiler tank with vac-pump oil. set the oiler drops at one per second.

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