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Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by reverand, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. reverand

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    East lancs hills
    i am planning on building new kennels in the back garden, the idea is to put a soil pipe under it to take the waste away. I am hoping to run this pipe and tap in to the house sewer pipe. Any thoughts
  2. chaffcutter

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    S. Staffs
    JDI !
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  3. Put a water trap in it and don't let the mrs/kids flush any logs down while your joining in
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  4. reverand

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    East lancs hills
    Chamber? How do you put s trap in if they are roughly the same height coming in
  5. Lincsman

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  6. S J H

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    As above, you need 2 slip collars and ideally a T or a Y coupler, could put a rodding eye in aswell if it suits.
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  7. Ukjay

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    Although you could follow the JDI approach, I personally would check this with the EA, because this may come under Industrial Waste, whereby you could end up with some serious fines if found out.
  8. Greenbeast

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    East Sussex
    It sounds domestic to me, not many people run a kennel business literally in their back garden
  9. Dry Rot

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    It's only illegal if he's caught.:LOL:

    Once the drains are in, what are they going to do? Dig it up to check? If going down that route, probably need building warrant as well. Where do the drains end up? Public sewer, septic tank, or cess pit?

    The settlement chamber will work fine. Water finds it's own level and it will still run even if entry and exit are at the same level, or even a slight negative fall.
  10. skinnyhoskins

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    the narth
    Put a manhole in ,no further hassles ,jfdi

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