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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a Tea room/Farm shop to buy/lease/rent in surrey/hampshire/sussex.

Maybe you would like to do the same but you don't have the time or skillset to get something set up.

I would be happy to consider just paying rent all the way to partnership or profit share.

If there are other opportunities within the estate, i am happy to piggy back the catering to meet the existing.

I have experience in all types of catering, barn weddings, retail and my wife is front of house based and similarly experienced.

I would be looking to have a traditional tea room business, possibly growing into hot lunches. if there is space, a farm shop/deli.

my ideal plot would be something less than 100m from a busy (ish) road, preferably visible from the road, with parking space for 20-50 vehicles and as separated as possible from the working parts of the farm. (i know how you guys 'love' the public!) any existing building is a bonus, but i'm happy to put something up. i would potentially start up with a mobile trailer tea room with covered deck area to bed it in before investing in any major infrastructure.

i'm happy to thrash ideas back and forth.

Thanks for reading

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Is there a "set" calculation for this.
Possibly how long is a piece of string ?
I know past accounts may help.
Drive ,ambition , ongoing ideas ,foods, beverages , dining, take aways etc etc all possible to work on and promote.

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