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Phil P

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Some seat covers I had made before winter for both machines

@Phil P get yourself one of these for the 130
To be honest the seat in mine need a bit of tlc! When I get time (ha ha) I’m going to take it out and give it an overhaul, there’s something come adrift in the mechanism somewhere as it seems to sink on one corner more than the others. Almost finished draining for this year so won’t be doing much more work after that unless it ends up loading muck.
Got some holes to back fill so may get an action pick this afternoon.
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Fresh out of the box, Feb 2021 build date
looks a cracking machine,you clearly favour zts machines,do you do much heavy digging work/muckshifting with them?,last month i spent a few uncomfortable weeks on a komatsu 138 zts stripping and loading soil from a sloping site,first time on a larger zts for me and hopefully my last,my shoulders still havent recovered:inpain:


@Pringles @Phil P @Dave6170 yes there are 2 sets of lights, one in the bucket-well looking out between the ramps (obscured by the bucket!) and one set in the back cross member channel below the ramps (which unfortunately get obscured if you are too close to the trailer). And yes it was definitely missing a number plate. If its any consolation I never have a number plate fitted when its behind my tractor. Not sure that explanation will help when discussing it with the local bobby at the side of the road though!


Arable Farmer
We purchased this little beauty just over a year ago of a local Plant company.
colleague and myself had to protest it , before it got sent to one of our farms out in Senegal . Now it is digging canals for irrigation systems and we had a dipper arm extension made for
it for extra reach .
kubota massey

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

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Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

"With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black nightshade, fumitory, chickweed and black bindweed in the millet crop"

As with all EAMUs any restrictions guidance stated on the products labels must be adhered to and the approval document can be found by clicking...