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That block was ex borage land so it had our knight C press through it once then left. We were hoping to drill it in the autumn but of course the heavens opened and never really stopped so tomorrow it will be spring wheat.

What had the land had done it to it prior to power harrowing, presumably in the autumn?


Same here with the plumbing and boilers

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Nice to get some drilling done, last time it was the constant battle to keep it from bunging with soil in November

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Dust today
Meant to say - thanks for the advice on the power flush the other week. Chemical was added 2-3wks ago, then whole system was flushed yesterday and a magnaclean installed too. Apparently it was actually pretty clean, just a couple of rads with issues. Got a couple of rads adjusted and working better now too.


Been busy spraying today making a start at the first of the Hatra (actually Horus). Looks lovely and dry on top but surprisingly soft underneath and you can see the wet areas pretty well.

Empty stubble fields are baked pretty solid now but anything with a crop in is holding the moisture currently.


Started spring drilling yesterday, gone from bit damp to dusty in a week.


Pass with Vibroflex to even fields up before drilling

Cross field foot path, don't you just love them

Manganese on winter barley

Potash on spring barley before drilling

Clutch issues with one tractor so decided to get our own splitting kit.


Isle of Coll
what are you doing on day two of lockdown ? that bucket of bent nails that ive been saving might be getting straightened 🤣 🤣

Setting up the iTractor with movies and documentaries in the hope one day I can get harrowing and rolling. Place dries up slightly and one night of rain back to square one. Needs subsoiled but I've no chance of that just now. 4WD is buggered too and needs to go away for repair but dealer messaged saying don't send it away till I hear back from them. The joys!

What next once the nails are straight?? :ROFLMAO:
Well despite the lockdown it has been business as usual here for the most part although we have just been notified that it may not be possible to determine applications within the standard 8 weeks as the case officers can not put out the site notices and do site visits. Going to casue a huge backlog of applications even if this only goes on for a few weeks.

Anyway, I have been working on a Class Q barn conversion, a 15 year old steel framed hay barn that is no longer required; we are seeking conversion into four 3-bed dwellings with the potential once built to be reconfigured into 4 four-bed dwellings by installing a first floor and additional windows (neither of which would require planning permission).
2019-074v2 - Existing View 1.jpg
2019-074v2 - Proposed PD View 1.jpg
Georges plans for marketing_Floor Plan.jpg
2019-074v2a - Proposed PD + First View 1.jpg
Georges plans for marketing_GF.jpg
Georges plans for marketing_FF.jpg

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