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    Hi we have new Deutz 6185 ttv which is auto steer ready and is fitted with the 12 inch imonitor which I believe is a Topcon X 30.
    The only part missing is the GPS receiver.
    For the time being I would like to connect our Mueller receiver which came with an amatron 3 for sprayer section control.
    In the roof there is a XC 22 socket which I presume is for the factory fitted receiver.
    According to the manual the imonitor has 3 serial/rs232 connector's for connecting a third party receiver but I cannot find them.
    Anybody have any ideas?
  2. On a Topcon X30 there are several RS232 ports as you say:

    Port 1 on the first Tyco 26-pin connector: Rx is on pin 16, Tx is on 17 and Ground is on pin 18

    Port 2 is on the second 26-pin connector, pin 1 is Rx, pin 2 is Tx and pin 3 is ground.

    Port 3 is also on the second connector, pin 4 is Rx, pin 5 is Tx and pin 6 is ground.

    Port 4 is also on the second connector, pin 11 is Rx, pin 12 is Tx and pin 10 is ground.
  3. Northern farmer

    What do you want to achieve with the screen and the Müller receiver? I thought auto-steer needs the AGI-4 like SRC-40 receiver with an integrated steering controller? I guess it would do steering guidance, mapping, section control etc. with any external receiver?
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  4. Good point! OP needs a receiver/integrated steering controller.

    Edit: connecting a generic/third party receiver via serial will enable the screen to determine its position etc but won’t steer the tractor.
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    Yes for the time being it would be used for section control with an Amazon sprayer and fert spreader.
    I am hoping to then move on to auto steer when I can persuade the boss of the benefits.
    Anyhow I am none the wiser with finding the parallel ports.
    Do you think they would be in the wiring loom or they can be added?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Mate has a 6215vvt I think, there is a plug on roof that connects to receiver. Think it was hidden somewhere as he was annoyed as the Deutz tech stood on his bonnet to find it. Sorry no idea what it looked like
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  7. I don't know where the nav wiring loom is routed on the Deutz - but logically if it’s a steer ready machine then there ought to be loom connector(s) in the general vicinity within the cab roof (or perhaps left coiled up in a pillar) near to where the receiver would typically be fitted.

    If they fit a Topcon AGI-4 “like” receiver/steering controller then there will likely be 2 x Deutsch 12-pin connectors ready to plug into the roof mounted receiver/steering control.

    If you were intending on breaking out the serial port(s) at that point on the loom, you would need to trace the wiring for the serial ports on the back of the terminal as noted in the post above (on the 26-pin connectors) to how they appear on those roof connectors.

    If it was me, and the longer terms plan was to go auto steer, I think I’d bite the bullet and fit the factory receiver/steering controller.
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    Thanks P S for the help.
    The tractor was ex demo so came without the receiver I think they were wanting around 10k for the factory fit does that sound about right and are there other options?
  9. Sounds on the high side. For an already steer-ready machine you also have other options with third-party steering/guidance solution. I would expect an integrated factory receiver/steering controller @ EGNOS level of accuracy in the order of £4 to £5k.

    Of course higher levels of accuracy will cost more more to unlock, so it depends on what you’ve been quoted for exactly.
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