Tractors, over the years that's been on the farm.

What list can folk remember, intresting to see how it changed, this is mine as far back as can remember, uni35x,1963, is got it in a shed, 135, 4 cylinder with loader, sat on a hill, hellish to start, airostart helped, can remember it just, universal 540, fiat 680, 680h, 580 dt, first 4wd on farm y reg, 80,90 dt, new 1992, another 135 from when grandad past away, landini 95 with loader 08reg,mf 5445, 04reg, and case 115, 15 reg. Not bad for an upland place with no money over my 46 years.

Breckland Boy

Mixed Farmer
I can just remember a Dexta, Super major and an Allis Charmer. There were two 65's as well. Dad swapped them in for ih 574 and 674.
Then came a 165 massey because dad' s tractor driver didn't like power steering. Within a week the silly fool went back to the 574 for ploughing!
Next was a 6600 and a 6610. The later was a terrible tractor and swapped for a massey 2680 with a five furrow plough. That was 1984.
A zetor 10145 was bought to run a 4 row beet harvester. Gutsy and fast but an octopus wouldn't have enough limbs to reach all the levers in every corner of the cab.
Next was a 6800 deere in 94 followed by two 6200s.
One 62 was torched so another came.
I swapped the 6800 to a 6820. 52 plate.
Next a 6420 replaced a 62.
First auto steer 2006.
Next a 6930 in for the 6820.
Then I stupidly swapped the 69 and 64 in for a new 6150 as I had bought a sp sprayer. That was 2013.
Nothing since.


Mixed Farmer
First memories are two Ford 6600s one Q cabbed (and turbo'd i think) 4600, and 4000 plus 5000 with loader and fraser forklift on back. On 270 acres mixed.
6600 went for 6610AP then SAME 80, SAME 100, NH Ts115, Tsa 125 (still here)

Turbo 6600 went for SAME 90, 100 then NH TM115 turbo'd, TM120 (still here)

4600 was replaced by 6610 went it stepped down to spare then others as the stepped down

5000 replaced by 5610 then another SAME 90 then manitous

4000 sold for Maxxum 5120

Also had a NH6080 and now T7

Acreage has doubled plus a little contract work.

Nithsdale Farmer

Livestock Farmer
David Brown Cropmaster x2
International 414 x2
David Brown 900
Leyland 252
David Brown 990
David Brown 995
David Brown 1200
David Brown 996
David Brown 1390 x2
Zetor 7745
Deutz Fahr dx3.65
SAME Explorer 70
SAME Explorer 90
SAME Explorer-ii 90
Ford 7740
Ford-NH 7740
Valtra 8150
McCormick MC115

Every tractor we have had here since 1945.

Also include;
JCB 3cx
JCB 520-50
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24/7 farming

1974... a 1964(ish) mf 35, built most of the farmyard we have today and my fathers house, including a pit in the garage dug out wit a linkbox!, has worn out 2 of them in her time and is well thru the third! Back tyres r older than me! (near 40!)

1997... a 1987 mf148 (35 was no longer fit for the round bales) also had the extra few hp to allowed the buying of a disk mower too!, still runs it cutting all silage and hay of our own and a few neighbours!

2010ish... a 1994 mf398 (148 struggling lifting chopped bales!) and transformed the way we farm wit a front loader!! You could never justify the buying of it on paper for what we do, but would hav been lost without it building my house over last 3 years (along wit the other 2 of course!) and let's us do our tiny bit of farming in relative comfort! (roof, radio and 500kg bags of fert!)

The Son

Starting on 1987;

MF 165 + loader
Ford 5000 + Loader
Ford 5610, all 2wd
Top two went and then 5610 was swapped for Ford 7810, first four wheel drive, and only tractor that I wished we kept.
As farm grew added a Ford 7840, gutless needed a turbo.
7810 was swapped for a TS115 (still here, excellent tractor)
7840 was swapped for MXM 140, ok tractor but expensive synchro repair.
MXM 140 was swapped for brand new (first I ever had) Claas 630, nice tractor but lots of silly issues.
Claas 630 swapped for new Case Puma 130, good tractor.
Extra tractor added at this stage Claas 697 great tractor, still got it and put a loader on it.
Extra tractor added TS115A, definatley had some fettling as it punched well above its weight.
Puma 130 went for NH T7 210 first with autosteer, what a revalation and why didn't I get it sooner (still here)
Finally this year TS115A replaced with Claas Arion 650.


Sanderson 622
JCB 526S
Manitou 627 (woefull pile of cr*p)
JCB 531-70 x 2
JCB 541-70 Current machine.

Why can I remember all this useless information off the top of my head?

Bald Rick

Livestock Farmer
When I started on my own in 1984 ...

David Brown 1494
Leyland 242
Ford 6600
MF 1200 articulated
Deutz agrostar 6.11
Deutz agroprima dropnose

Stopped farming for 10 years (FMD cull)

Since 2012

JD 6534 - sold
JD 6150R
JD 6195R - sold
Deutz agrostar 6.45
JCB Fastrac 4220


JCB 536.60 - gone
JCB TM 320s - gone
JCB TM 420

Can’t beat the agrostars

7610 super q

Arable Farmer
Ford 3000, 1965. New.
Ford 4000, 1978. S/H
Case IH 885xl, 1986. New.
Ford 7810, 1993. S/H
Ford 7610, 1995. S/H
TS 115 Turbo, 2002. New.
NH 7840, 2015. S/H.
Sanderson SB65 , 1997 S/H
Manitou 629, 2013 S/H.

Oh well, at least we've had 3 new tractors in the last 55 years.... :D


David Brown Cropmaster x2
International 414 x2
David Brown 900
Leyland 252
David Brown 990
David Brown 995
David Brown 1200
David Brown 996
David Brown 1390 x2
Zetor 7745
Deutz Fahr dx3.65
SAME Explorer 70
SAME Explorer 90
SAME Explorer-ii 90
Ford 7740
Ford-NH 7740
Valtra 8150
McCormick MC115

Every tractor we have had here since 1945.

Also include;
JCB 3cx
JCB 520-50
That DB list could’ve been ours .


North NI
Dads fleet when I was a pup consisted of ford's.
9700 2wd
TW20 4wd
7700 4wd
7700 2wd
7610 2wd
A big day when the 40k 7840 sle turned up. Wish we kept that 9700, rare as hens teeth


N Devon
From 1985
IH434 still here
County 4000-4,swapped for Ford 4610 4wd,swapped for NH T5040.
IH 885xl swapped for CASE IH 844xl,then 856xl now Case Maxxum 115.
NH TL100 then NH T5070
IH634 then Case IH 4230,now McCormick CX85
856 is the only one that stands out but couldn't cope with a heavy Dowdeswell plough so had to go,shame really.


co down
DB cropmaster
MBtrac 800
deutz 450 with loader s/h
deutz agrotron 100 with loader s/h
deutz 617 sh
Fendt 920 sh
fastrac 2170 sh
deutz agrotron 645 sh
gone from mixed farm 130 ac 1960 to share farming a total of 500 acres today all arable
From 1987, when I started:
Borrowed TE20, which I now have as a lawnmower.
Ford 4000
2x IH 885XL
IH 895XL
2x CaseIH 4230LP
IH 4240XL
2x MF 4355
2x MF 5455
MF 5460
Claas Axos 340
Claas Atos 340
Several Claas Arion 420s to date, the third goes in for the sixth tomorrow, I have three.
Virtually all tractors since the first 885 had loaders.

Manitou 626
Hired JCB 741(?)
Claas Scorpion 7030 x2
Now have Scorpion 736

Gone from 60 outdoor sows to 1300 in that time.
The only one that I want back is the 4000 and I know where it is!


Arable Farmer
South West
Starting in the 1940’s with great grandparents. Has always been a mixed fleet but they started with Case then field Marshall’s and fordson. As a result of selling farm machinery, they started selling Nuffield and using them on the farm and contracting business. Nuffield turned into Leyland and then into Marshall. There was a couple Muir-hills in there during the 80’s. Marshall stops so the family starts selling and using Deutz farh. Mainly Dx’s and ending with a Agristar. During this time the agricultural engineering business finishes.
Then came the JD’s
6410(Still working)
Case puma 155
Case puma 230 cvx (still working)
Case puma 175 cvx (still working)
6910 (new toy)

Still have a leyland 125, 255 and a Marshall 802.

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