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Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by zsnotdead, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. zsnotdead

    zsnotdead Member

    I see the site variable pitch is off air. What happened. Can I get info anywhere else Screenshot_20180702-103854_Chrome.jpg
  2. Bob

    Bob Member

    Co Durham
    What info are you wanting?
  3. zsnotdead

    zsnotdead Member

    Out put data from different turbines to compare with mine
  4. e3120

    e3120 Member

    The raw data was/is available on the ofgem site in a pretty horrible format, the 'public reports' link is on the login page. I find it difficult to argue that this data shouldn't be publicly available so am surprised that VP has rolled over as threats usually embolden campaigners.

    Saying that, the data was getting more patchy (from the Ofgem side I suspect), as the removal of LECs in GB a couple of years ago removed the financial necessity to declare output to Ofgem (at least for FIT - I'm not up on (NI)ROCs)
  5. zsnotdead

    zsnotdead Member

    Output has to be declared to ofgem so they can issue rocs
  6. e3120

    e3120 Member

    You may be OK then. The report you want is 'certificates'. Some tactics are required to filter the data on the website before downloading to excel, as otherwise the number of rows will kill your PC.

    I'm pretty sure this is where the VP data came from - the accredited station info is there as well.
  7. thesilentone

    thesilentone Member

    VP was becoming very inaccurate for some reason, with some efficiency figures looking abysmal.

    This info should be publicly available, after all, the public are paying for it.

    There may be pressure from lobbyists who question the value for money on some of the less better performing generators.

    If the taxpayer is putting up the cash, it is only fair the generators give a reasonable return.

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