Wanted calf creep feeders

Discussion in 'Livestock For Sale & Wanted' started by thorney1, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. thorney1

    thorney1 Member

    Looking for a couple of calf creep feeders. Most be in good condition.
    Willing to travel.
  2. tr250

    tr250 Member

    Where abouts are you I know it says willing to travel but I'm guessing you wouldn't be that keen on going to Scotland if your in Cornwall
  3. thorney1

    thorney1 Member

    I’m near Peterborough. Willing to travel a good couple of hours I suppose
  4. ab100

    ab100 New Member

    I've got a Portequip it's straight and the paint is faded but still there. I'm in the centre of Norfolk.
  5. Owain2014

    Owain2014 Member

    Sorry to jump in but I'm in South Wales looking for one as well. Cheers
  6. Chickengeorge

    Chickengeorge Member

    Type creep feeder on eBay
    Someone has 2 £250 each Ipswich
  7. thorney1

    thorney1 Member

    Still looking for another calf creep feeder

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