Warning to people with external postboxes

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by tomg, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. tomg

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    We have our postbox mounted outside our farm gates and two men have been stealing our post. They have got my dad and I's details and have been applying for credit cards in our names. They then stole all the post on Thursday and Friday to intercept the cards and pin numbers. Fortunately we've clocked this and today they have been arrested.
    It looks like they have also targeted other addresses locally with exposed post boxes.
    So to those of you with external postboxes be vigilant and have a look at how secure the boxes are. Ours are locked but you could still get your hand in to get a letter out.

  2. spin cycle

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    north norfolk
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  3. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    Dustbins are the most common ways to acquire personal details ,,they can get all they need from addresses ,bank details ,,birthday cards ,,some very clever folks out there that can fraudulently assume your identity and get you into big problems
  4. bobk

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    They can have mine it's full of bills .
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  5. tomg

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    A local person has mentioned to me that they have had birthday cards stolen from their letter box! They have applied for 4 cards with my details and 2 with my dad's details. Our birthdays are both in May so they had maybe been around then?
  6. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    I rip all address labels of parcels and burn them along with envelopes ,,never put anything in the bin with personal details on
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  7. JeepJeep

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    Same here... burnt or shredded ,makes things harder but I guess if they want your details they'll get them.
  8. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    There's an advert on telly ,showing how folks post pics on social media sites about their birthday ,their house number in the background ,,accidentally taking a picture of their bank card ,,its maybe a little OTT but the fraudsters can put enough information together and drop you in it
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  9. Lazy Eric

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    Friend of mines business is a limited company. His full name , address, date of birth, the lot is in companies house website.
    6 months ago, someone started 6 mobile phone contracts in his name and applied for a credit card.
  10. Old Codger

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    Buckinghamshire UK
    Earlier this year I took out a new mobile phone contract at a local branch of one of the major suppliers.

    The following day my bank shut down my accounts and contacted me because someone was attempting to make a large payment from my account using the "Faster payments telephone scheme". Said person had all my details and the bank only intervened because - " The voice / accent of the person who phoned them, did not appear to match my demographic"!

    I'm not sure whether I'm flattered or not!
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