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Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by scholland, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. scholland

    scholland Member

    I am fed up of leaking waterproof clothing, flexothane lasts no time at all. What's good, not to heavy, not too sweaty, hard wearing, comfy, and waterproof! Guy cotten? Strauss?
  2. CharcoalWally

    CharcoalWally Member

    West of Scotland
    I gave up on Flexothane a couple of years back , they were lasting no time. Tried Fore-Tex instead and much preferred that brand. Light , non sweaty and last much longer.

    Also found when Flexothane got damp inside the trouser legs through sweat , they stank of damp! Horrible!
  3. exmoor dave

    exmoor dave Member

    exmoor, uk
    i'm going to try a pair of waxed type water proofs from strauss.....don't know the page number, i'll look them up.
  4. DrDunc

    DrDunc Member

    Got totally scunnered with crap flexos. Final straw was fencing with a new jacket straight out the packet. I was soaked to the skin.

    Bought these two years ago.


    Still in the original coat and leggings! (I used to "wear out" at least 3 sets a year)

    They're a bit heavier than the water soluble flex things, but they're designed to be worked in on fishing boats.
  5. Post Driver

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    South East
    Aye I'm going for fisherman's gear next
  6. can you get this gear in non highly visible?
  7. Gulli

    Gulli Member

    line 7 waterproofs from nz are the best ive used.
    good luck finding some over here though (n)
  8. scholland

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  9. Scholsey

    Scholsey Member

    Try golf stuff, wont handle barbed wire or brambles but good for walking around etc
  10. jade35

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    S E Cornwall
    The only waterproof trousers that have lasted for OH so far are the NZ Seals ones that we bought from the SW Dairy Event a couple of years ago. I think they were from Dairy Spares. Not leaking yet:) They were worth the money:eek: just for the dry clothes. OH was given an old BT jacket, that is very good, whatever they use for waterproofing works well. When I washed it I had to put some small holes in the lining to let the water out:whistle:.
    Trying to find another one as it is so good.
  11. exmoor dave

    exmoor dave Member

    exmoor, uk
  12. Tommy

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    North East Wales
    Fire mans bib and brace were the best I've had for farm work. Got mine from ebay but you dont see them often
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  13. Muck Spreader

    Muck Spreader Member

    I use Guy Cotton trousers they are good and hard wearing but can get a bit sweaty. May look at some ex MOD gortex ones next time.
  14. Sandpit Farm

    Sandpit Farm Member

    I found the Delamere trousers to work well. They will snag on barbed wire (like anything) but that is what are supplied to milk recorders etc.

    I think the gore tex MOD ones may be a bit expensive (even if second hand).

    I buy about 5-6 pairs of ex army combat trousers every few months to wear to work under my waterproofs. They cost me £5 each, are hard wearing and dry quickly so I can wear 2 or 3 pairs in a day if on different farms and they are clean and dry by the following day.
  15. SteveHants

    SteveHants Member

    There is a reason why we always wore Guy Cotten on the fish farm.
  16. Spartacus

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  17. Mutch

    Mutch Member

    I found the sailing trousers made by Musto the best I've used warm waterproof and comfortable a godsend for outdoor lambing in April 2012!
  18. multi power

    multi power Member

    i have tried several types but still go back to flexothane, i normaly buy 2 pairs of trousers before calving time each year, as far as i can see they all get sweaty, ok some others may last longer but are too heavy n cumbersome
  19. Poorbuthappy

    Poorbuthappy Member

    +1 to these. Get through a couple of pairs a year, but find them better than flexothane or similar.
    Fancy trying some goretex but can't afford to wreck a pair of them on fencing work.
  20. scholland

    scholland Member

    I have ordered a set from guy cotten, the green Dundee bib and brace made of glentex, will report back next time it rains!

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