BASIS Points Available Webinar - 10th June - Routes into Farming - 15:30 to 16:15

Chaired by Milly Fyfe, Food and Farming Ambassador

Covid-19, the phasing out of the basic payment and Brexit will result in a massive restructure of the industry, opening up new challenges but also new opportunities for forward-thinking farmers.

• Jeremy Moody, CAAV examines the issues, including housing and tenancy reforms, and where Government needs to provide direction and support
• Delyth Jones, Venture explores the opportunity that share farming and other options can provide young entrants.
• Dan Frost talks about his journey, as an engineer and teacher's son with no family farming background, to securing a 90-acre arable tenancy in Peterborough County Council.
• Matt Redman started a contracting business five years ago, which not only enabled him to build a high-tech machinery fleet and take on a 1,000-acre arable tenancy at Landbeach, Cambs.



Milly Fyfe

Milly Fyfe, Food and Farming Ambassador

Jeremy Moody

Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Adviser - Central Association of Agricultural Valuers

Delyth Jones

Delyth Jones, Venture Officer - Farming Connect

Dan Frost

Dan Frost

Matt Redman

Matt Redman

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Firefighters douse tractor ‘well alight in a field’

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Written by Agriland Team

Firefighters were called in to extinguish a tractor which was “well alight in a field” in Somerset, England, this week.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, July 29, on Chilton Road, Chilton Polden, Bridgwater, in the English county, local firefighters confirmed.

In a brief report on the matter, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: “Fire control received calls to a tractor on fire at Chilton Polden, Bridgwater.

“Fire control sent two fire engines from Bridgwater, one fire engine from Street and one water bowser from Yeovil.

Once the crew got in attendance the officer in charge confirmed one tractor well alight in a field...