what are the results of too many flashes when welding?

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  1. over years I have received a number of flashes when welding but what could I expect from it .. does it cause cataracts? or do eyes recover??
  2. arc eye
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  3. Y Fan Wen

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    N W Snowdonia
    Dad told me it was like having sand in your eye.
  4. John100

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    Had bad arc eye 3 times, best thing is optrex eye wash or cold water, it takes the edge off the pain,mind you, when you wake up screaming at 3am you won't be able to get out of bed, let alone find the optrex.
    The pain will go, but you have sore eyes and dilated pupils like a druggie for weeks.
    Long term, yes I cant see fkuk all
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  5. tomg

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    I've had it once, woke up in the early hours and thought the plaster off the ceiling had fallen into my eyes. It does feel like someone has thrown sand in your eyes. I'm really careful when welding or around others welding it's not something I want to experience again.
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  6. once you've had it your more susceptible to getting it again
  7. John100

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    Tack welding by closing your eyes like London Chopshop garage, that doesn't work too good
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  8. tinsheet

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    Burnt my eye lids doing that, tad sore that was:facepalm:.
  9. milkloss

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    Brother did a lot of mig welding using cutting goggles years ago. That certainly didn't work so well.
  10. Cowcalf

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    sterility !!!
  11. Too bloody late now
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  12. v8willy

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    Yep a sore bugger, but a good tan in winter looks well :D
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  13. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
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  14. collywol

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    i was told by a proper welder to use a used teabag to soothe the soreness, and the tanins help against infection.
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  15. AftonShepherd

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    Can arc eye clear up within a day? I was helping a welder on Monday and wasn't aware of being flashed, but woke up with my eyes in agony about one in the morning. Took painkillers and eventually got back to sleep, but other than a slight ache been fine since.
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  16. itsalwaysme

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    Interesting reading, I didn't realise the difference between conventional arc and mig
  17. Badshot

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    Yes, that's possible.
    Just be aware next time the damage could be a lot worse and permanent
  18. AftonShepherd

    AftonShepherd Member

    Thanks. I'm normally very careful and didn't even realise I'd got a flash this time.
  19. you get a red end
  20. DrWazzock

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    Stupidly in my twenties I used to hold a piece on with ungloved hand and closed eyes while tacking it on with no helmet as it was a hand held face guard. Now hands have patches where there is no brown pigment at all on the backs of them, just pure white. Face reddens easily and very sensitive to sun.

    Take all care you can folks. You only get one chance. Get the best helmet and gloves that you can and don't ever hold stuff while the welder welds it like I used to do as a kid. Stupid.

    I don't think you will get much damage from a few flashes though.

    Avoid welding in wellies with boiler suit tucked in. Had many a lump of hot metal roll down inside wellies, and stick melted sock to foot.

    I remember by uncle had a "comb over" hairstyle. One day he was welding under the combine and some slag burnt the hinge of his comb over through and the whole piece came away and that was it, bald an egg from that day on.
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