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Discussion in 'Competition Ploughing' started by Farmerboyben, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Farmerboyben

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    Age old question. Seems everywhere you look is different but what is the correct colour to paint a ransomes ts59?! Orwell or nacton?! And what about the wheel?!
  2. I'm not too sure but in my head the Nacton blue, that is the light blue that came out first, should be on trailer ploughs, Robins and the cast Major hydraulic ploughs. And the Orwell blue, which came out later when the factory moved to Orwell, should be on any ploughs made after TS59's. Oh and TS 59's in my opinion should be the Orwell blue. As for the red or orange wheels I say "I'm not opening another tin of paint just to paint a wheel!". To be honest I haven't a clue about the orange wheels nor the blue paint. All I know is the Nacton blue came out first so it would have definitely been on trailed ploughs.
  3. Fergie Ploughman

    Cheshire, UK
    Haven't a clue, I always thought the lighter coloured blue was for the very early trailer stuff. My TS54 show's no sign of the lighter blue, but it may have ben repainted in its distant past...
  4. wilt434

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    North Wales
    I think the later ts90 era ploughs were of a lighter shade aswell.
  5. Roy Stokes

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    East Shropshire
    By this time the colour was the same as Ford tractors and the ploughs carried the FR (Ford Ransomes) decal
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  6. Bruce Almighty

    The TS 91 ploughs that I used to use with my Dad were nearer to Fordson Empire Blue than Ford blue. Admittedly this was in the 80s and they may have faded a bit ?
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  7. early Ransomes is Nacton blue, with red wheels, not sure of the red colour, but NH red is very near, as it was a darker red when new
    later stuff was Orwell blue, with Yellow / Orange wheels, RAL 2000
  8. rjjeng

    rjjeng New Member

    how far off is fordson major tractor blue ?
    I fancy painting my ransomes tsr 103 3f
  9. Howard150

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    Lots of guys have their Ransomes ploughs painted this colour. I know mine are. As Bruce Almighty said earlier Fordson Empire Blue. Ford blue is a slightly different shade, as is Orwell blue
    Bit like the “What colour should Fordson Major grilles be?” As not all the wheels were painted orange. Some were blue. For the orange ones I always used to use Howard Rotavator Orange.

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