Wheel nut challenge!

Friend of mine has a broken locking wheel nut from a failed removal attempt, any ideas? I've tried to chisel it round but theres nothing to grip on really
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I take it that it's a nut. Round wont be a issue that's what there for. Can you damage the wheel ?

Other thing is dermal the nut off


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Tighten the other wheel nuts as tight as you dare to take as much pressure of it as possible.
I would then hit the stud a mighty drive fair in the centre with a good drift from behind, but I presume that's not possible as hub still on car so we'll not do that.
I would then try to tap it round with a small chisel but you say you've done that so try tapping it round again.
If that didn't work find a flat spot on the cone bit and centre dab it and drill it with a small bit and then increase bit size gradually till you split the cone, try tapping it round again.
If that doesn't work split it on the opposite side and then tap the two halves out.
If still no joy remove all the other wheel nuts and just pull the bloody wheel off.

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