where would you invest 50,000 and why

Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by Tropical, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Turra farmer

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    Try fengurola , apologies for spelling , you'd get a 1 bed few streets back from beach for 50k
  2. and would that rent out for 530 euros a week ?
  3. Turra farmer

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    Wouldn't like to say , maybe nearer 400. Mate has one , and it's let almost every week , and he reckons it pays better than uk lets
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  4. No one has the cash to build their own house up there. Have one of the last barns to be converted in the county it seems but currently, no local cash, it will go to an outsider who wants their slice of countryside though one day.

    Ok let's spend this up. £5.000,000. What to do with that....
  5. renewablejohn

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    Used to be able to buy a whole street in Burnley for 50k but it has now become trendy.
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  6. Thick Farmer

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    West Wales
    Drains are the tenants responsibility.
  7. Will Wilson

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    In my current (busy) situation I would take £50,000 = share dealing account with Halifax. Pick 2 high, medium and low risk shares. (low return, low time investment). They would all be companies I have an interest in, brewing, food , farming etc. e.g ABF, Genus, Glencore, etc... (just look at the performance of ABF shares over the last 10yrs!).

    Though Really the opportunities are endless.

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  8. Fleeced

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    Despite advice to the contrary premium bonds can give a good return, you keep the capital and there's always a chance of a big win.
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  9. static

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    Tax-free too. Poor value for those not paying tax, but good value for those on top rate.
  10. Robw54

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    Equities have been good this last year. +20 on the FTSE.

    Property income looks great when stocks are up and down. Maint is a killer on profit.

    Land no short term return and might be toppy.

    Invest in your business should provide better returns than any main stream investment.
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  11. Robw54

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    If you don't have a pension and higher rate payer. I work out if you recycle the tax relief back in you will have 83k before any investment returns.

    If 50k X 1.25 = 62500 Recycle the 12500 relief back in and so on.

    Might take a few years depending on earnings but you won't beat that easily .
  12. Don't touch the residential rental market unless you want a headache for the rest of your life. Trust me i know as i have 4 of the effing things. Don't touch stock market also as you could get wiped out very fast. Always keep in mind the broker always get paid no matter what.... pensions the same. Had a guy trying to sell me a pension once and i reckoned had about 1k euro suit on him so he lost that sale.... maybe buy the property of an existing well established retail unit.
  13. Robw54

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    Equities have been the only show in town this last 12 months. That ship may have sailed for now though.

    I agree re agents and brokers, the older I get the more I loath middle men.
  14. You got to know what your buying, lots of mks, some built by other makers,some French built post war.
    Restore an Early type correctly and your quids in

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