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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Reg, Aug 12, 2017.

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    With the new 10m buffer does using Ferric Phosphate pellets on the whole field instead of metaldehyde become a viable solution. When I have previously used sluxx I found it a quality pellet. How do ironmax pro and sluxx compare for price and quality? What is everyone's favourite metaldehyde pellet? 1.5% or 3%? Sorry for too many questions.
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  3. Both Sluxx and Ironmax Pro are wet process, durum wheat pellets. Of course I am going to say Ironmax Pro is better.......
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    What price for ironmax pro?
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    The new buffer zones mean I'm switching from 3% metaldehyde to ferric phosphate. The difference in price is a few pence/ha/dose, that's all.

    I've used 3% metaldehyde pellets in the past because I'm not convinced that a 1.5% pellet gives a lethal dose if it gets split when being spun on. I could be wrong. It wasn't that long ago that 5% was the standard (before it started being detected in watercourses!)
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    County Down
    Have used both Sluxx and Ironmax Pro over past 2 years and find both very good products.

    Not sure if the 10m non-spread stewardship area around fields is practical in Northern Ireland because of small fields, much easier to fill spreader up with ferric product and get on.

    I think metaldehyde days are numbered. If high concentrations of metaldehyde show up in water this autumn and winter I feel it will be the end of metaldehyde.

    I don't have a problem as have learned to use ferric, and happy that they are effective.

    @drummer_bruhaha - I have been told that ferric products are more effect at controlling juvenile slugs - have you any trials/data to support this ?
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    Are you allowed to use ferric phosphate pellets on stubbles ????
  8. I haven't done any specific trials or noticed any difference on juveniles v's adults etc. It's Certis who have done that work.
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  9. Yes, with Ironmax Pro you can use pre-drilling. Not sure about the others.
  10. I am certainly very hopefully that the work we have carried out with metaldehyde, the enhanced stewardship and working with our regulators will ensure we retain metaldehyde for the future. We also have a very close working relationship with the water companies. Ferric will become a more common option for us all but hopefully we will still have two actives available in our battle against the slimy army.
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  11. Do not buy cheapskate pellets. Any of you. Seriously. Do not do it. By using that stuff you are going to get Metaldehyde banned. Some of the crap I have seen used by people who should know better in the last few years was appalling. Anything that is not in a wet process pellet should be banned immediately IMO.

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