who schedules land class?

just acquired some land that has been allowed to revert to scrub and have now been told it is a wild life site. The previous occupiers were not aware of this so who is agency responsible for t his description and do they have to notify owners, what work can I do to reinstate land use to viable grassland? Land In lowland England.
East Mids
There should be description of it available from the local Wildlife Trust and info about what it is 'valuable' for (if it was species-rich grassland before the scrub, it might actually be for that!). The previous landowner should have been informed. LWS do not actually have any additional legal protection (SSSIs do) other than the usual rules about ploughing out permanent grassland, or felling licences for trees etc. It should have also been picked up by your solicitor?

Planning committees have to consider them in the application process but you are not proposing a change of use for planning purposes.

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World Food Day: NFU Cymru celebrates Welsh food producers at the Senedd

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Written by Rachel Martin

NFU Cymru members and Assembly Members have been celebrating the role that Welsh farmers play in producing nutritious, high quality, safe affordable food during an event at the Senedd today on World Food Day (October 16).

The lunchtime event, which was sponsored by Llyr Gruffydd AM, included a special menu of fine Welsh produce.

Speaking at the event, NFU Cymru...