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Why are RPA so stupid??

Discussion in 'Tenant Farming, Subsidies, BPS & Legal Issues' started by Vader, May 11, 2018.

  1. jondear

    jondear Member

    All. Sounds very familiar .Ours is very simple but they still managed to lose tracks and hedges from maps .We didn't bother with the hedges part as one 6acre field had 10 different lengths even though it's continuous!
  2. Fubar

    Fubar Member

    Had to use all my hedges as I'd already committed them to get my 5%.
    Couldn't use my beans as I've sprayed them.
    Tried to put a catch crop option on one field just as insurance but I had no idea how it do it.
    If I included it in the land use section it told me the field was over cropped as it already has barley on it.
    Not the most computer literate and as usual the guidance/ instructions tell you everything that you already know and nothing that you want to know.
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  3. chaffcutter

    chaffcutter Moderator

    S. Staffs
    To put catch or cover crops onto a field which already has a main crop, select the field to go to the bit where you charge the crop, and select ‘Rotation’. Select rotation 2, a second set of boxes pops up, then enter your catch or cover crop, save. Return to the cropping list and it will show the field twice with the crop in each rotation. The rotation box is on the rhs and normally shows as 1.

    This is a bit late to help now though, are you allowed to do any corrections after the 15th? Can’t remember as I’ve not had to try.
  4. Fubar

    Fubar Member

    I believe certain changes can be made without penalty. Probably can't add land, just a bit of tweaking.
    Am I right in thinking that a hedge on a roadside has to be claimed twice, both as a half hedge and an internal hedge. I assumed that by entering a length in the adjacent hedge box the computer would automatically assign 10 m of efa per m length. However. Looking at my summary I see that my total internal hedges of 9188 m has given me 4.594 ha of efa (x5) , but my total adjacent hedge length of 2279 has also only given me 5x to make 1.1395 ha.
    It looks like I haven't claimed for the internal half of roadside hedges.
  5. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    I've always handled my application myself, going right back to the start of IACS without difficulty. I have now retired, entitlements sold so no claim this year. So glad to be out of it now.
  6. Wooly

    Wooly Member

    Romney Marsh

    Is this a coincidence that Mental Health awareness week is the same week as the BPS forms have to be in !?! :scratchhead: :whistle:

    I think all our stress levels would be much lower if the RPA got their act together. Some of the correspondence we have had from them this year has been unbelievable. Today was no exception, as we were notified that some of our fields were 0.001 Ha smaller than previously thought..........must have shrunk over the winter..............which is great as we put our 2018 claim in with the now 'wrong area' last week! :banghead:
  7. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Yes you can make certain changes without penalty. The key thing was to get an application submitted. Speak with the RPA helpline for guidance. But I did have to amend an application last year and it involved creating a new application and resubmitting. Then submitting an email to RPA explaining the date of second application. So that RPA know the application submitted after 15th May is not subject to penalty.

    But do not take any notice of me - I am just a faceless bloke faffing about on the internet. Consult RPA and take proper advice before you press on with changes.

    Best wishes and luck.
  8. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Get a Land agent to handle it couple hundred quid for a stress free life, done on the first day not the last.
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  9. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.

    We operate under fascist regime.
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  10. Fubar

    Fubar Member

    It takes an hour to fill in the form and 3 weeks to correct the rpa mistakes.
  11. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    I looked in my communications log on the 15th, someone else`s application was in with mine, they just laughed and said they had made a mistake, be no laughing if i had made a mistake id have been guilty of fraud until i prove myself innocent and more than likely gained myself a financial penalty , i wonder if the plonker that messed up in rpa had 50 quid dock`ed of her wages for feking up ? no chance.
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  12. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Good thing they didnt do that after the 28th of May or the new GDPR data rules would have kicked their arses.
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  13. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    I dont think many will be submitting claims after the 15th, or if they do they might be disopointed as we are not allowed mistakes .
  14. Pluto

    Pluto Member

    Did you not know that things shrink in the cold? Hopefully as things warm up during the summer your fields will expand again!!
  15. Wooly

    Wooly Member

    Romney Marsh
    That is exactly what they did last year.

    We had a remapping inspection in May and as all the ditches were full of water, as requested by National England, they were deemed over 4m wide, so removed from the eligible area.

    We then had another remapping inspection in December........ goodness knows why..... inspector inspecting the inspector....... and as all the ditches were low of water, they were going to add the area back in !
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  16. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    The rpa Wales same.
    weeks or months or even never to reply on their message system -what's the point ?
  17. Hesston4860s

    Hesston4860s Member

    Nr Lincoln
    Has anybody else’s previous claims (ie- 2015/16) disappeared from the online system ?. They where there yesterday but gone today !.

    Or is it just mine !
  18. The Ruminant

    The Ruminant Member

    How do they manage when land is on the coast or next to a tidal river. They’d have to re-map it twice a day......:rolleyes:
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  19. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Yes, I complete a form with an outmarsh field - over the sea wall. Grass for grazing but at Spring tides floods over and the creeks fill twice a day. Have had similar to you but I just make sure enough deducted from eligible area to allow for high tide. The RPA application of the EU regulations is really quite Catch 22 - Joseph Heller would have a field day. hey ho.
  20. Wooly

    Wooly Member

    Romney Marsh
    I have a block of land on a tidal estuary. Never been a problem on an RPA inspection................maybe the tide is always out on their visits ! (y)
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