Why log cabins are perfect for scorching summers - and cold winters

If you are one of the many Brits boiling this summer in a bricks and mortar home, you might be slightly envious of our cool customers living, working and relaxing in their log cabins.

Log has high levels of natural insulation so keeps the heat out in the summer, making sure the buildings are pleasantly cool. It also means in the winter, temperatures are cosily warm - good news for keeping your energy costs low.

Nick Forrester of Norwegian Log Buildings said: “Our garden offices, gyms, cabins, annexes and transportable homes have the perfect temperature in the summer. We get so many comments about it from customers and it’s all down to log being a natural insulator.”

Karen Selway Richards has recently converted her ten-year-old Norwegian Log cabin from a family den to a studio where she teaches yoga. “It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter,” she said. “Every one of my students who comes here says “I feel at peace as soon as I walk in”.”

Osteopath David Reynolds has been using his cabin for over 12 years as a clinic and claims it’s the perfect environment for his clients. “It’s warm in winter and very cost effective to heat, and cool in the summer, so absolutely ideal for what we need,” he said

So, whatever the weather, a log cabin keeps you cool – or warm!


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