Willing to pay for allowance of access to land for pest control etc.


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hello, my name is Lewis and I’m 21 years old currently serving in the Royal Navy. I’m attempting to reach out to be able to get permission to be able to use my air rifle on land. I’m a very respectable person, I have the relevant insurance. I’m just after being able to start up taking air rifle shooting as a main hobby but finding it difficult to get the practice in whether it be target practice and pest control. I have some pretty good experience shooting some high cal. Weapons from my work.
I can be trusted and willing to do anything to get myself some access granted in my area, I drive so I can and am willing to travel. I am located in Middlesbrough, north east of England.

please give this young lad a chance in progressing in this hobby, if anyone could be kind enough to give me a chance simply reply to this or better yet give me a call on 07399 525295

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