Wormer at this time of year

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  1. DB67

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    Would the white wormer for nemo be less potent for the more summer type worms that say a clear (cydectin) or yellow wormer at this time of year?
  2. Blod

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    It depends on any existing resistance and what you’re targeting .
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  3. andybk

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    Mendips Somerset
    Whatever you need something for hemoncus first heavy rain after long dry spell yellow not the best for that worms not to much of issue in very dry conditions
  4. Tim W

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    You wont know without doing reduction tests on your sheep (before an after FEC with different wormers)
    In the absence of doing^^^ (which i would recommend every time you worm sheep---what's the point in treating animals if you don't find out how well the treatment worked?) then a sweeping generalization would be that there is more resistance to white wormers than other drugs
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