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Worst Course Ever - PA1

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by jd24, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. nuffield1060

    nuffield1060 Member

    Yes! Doing the car and trailer test almost 5 years to the day after I passed my driving test I realised how much I had forgotten or lost to rust and complacency
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  2. puppet

    puppet Member

    sw scotland
    There is a whole industry now linking risk, health and safety and training. You identify a risk however small, then get it into the h&s protocols then set up training to deal with it.
    There is also a tendency to use that small risk as a way of not doing something. This has crept into the public services over a few years.
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  3. jd24

    jd24 Member

    I think i know the main reason for introducing the fake pa spray courses. Its for legal and insurance purposes.
    If you have a certificate of competence it removes all possibilities of using ignorance as an excuse shpuld you ever pollute or damage something...even though i know no more that i did befire i took the course/test i now have a cert thats says i know im breaking the law etc.

    Risk assessments and method statements are there for exactly the same reason on construction sites. They tell you how to do the job safely even if your boss then makes you do it the 'quick way'. If you then hurt yourself they will wave the risk assessment at you saying its your fault.

    Going back to the spray course and safety in general i totally support people being trained and competent, i just wish i actually got some training for my money.
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