Wyle 200 or dickie John miniGac plus

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by SteveE, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. SteveE

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    We are looking at a new moisture meter and given it needs to be portable I’ve narrowed it down to these two models. Anyone have any preference for one over the other? Having not used wyle or Dickie John before what are their staying power like?
  2. Cowmongers

    Cowmongers New Member

    Very happy with our Dickie John - 3 years old and still very accurate
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  3. SteveE

    SteveE Member

    Cheers for the info
  4. Renaultman

    Renaultman Member

    Dickie Jon here too got it in 2012 always accurate. Got the one with the bushel weight option. I really rate it for simplicity of use and accuracy.
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  5. Bignor Farmer

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    West Sussex
    Dickey John here, like it a lot
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  6. rm1

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    Had a mini gac gave up on it to inaccurate bought a sinar 6060 which is more consistent but still needs checking still use a Marconi when I need to cross check.
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  7. Richard III

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    CW5 Cheshire
    I had a Dickie John for a few years and was very happy with it, until it went wrong. I sent it off for repair, but it still wasn't right, so tried the Wyle 200.

    The Wyle is much better value for money, and I think more accurate due to the way it sweeps the grain off the top of the sample. The only down side is it really does need to be quite level, else it complains, however this probably also helps it's accuracy.
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  8. FarmingFuture

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    Had both but would lean toward the dickie John
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  9. SteveE

    SteveE Member

    Thanks all for the replies. It's one of those ones where until you have your hands on one using it you don't find out the little issues or annoyances. Your opinions are very gratefully received.
  10. ashmore

    ashmore Member

    Definitely Dickey-john, suppliers Farm-tec are good to deal with. They sent me a new manual when the mice ate mine! One thing I will say about ours, I always do at least 3 tests per trailer etc. I find the first test can sometimes be off, but it's so easy/quick to use, it's still quicker than doing one test with a Protimeter grinder.
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