x 4 fat AA grassfed cattle - organic/conventional

Before I start ringing around if anyone is buying in the SE Wales region I have x4 fat cattle and x1 OTM. Can be old organic (unsure if there is a market at the mo) but happy to go as conventional as there is little premium. AA sired beef stock all grass fed. Havent weighed them recently assume around 650kg. Ideal for anyone looking to fulfill meat orders in the premium market. Can forward photos. Farmer has left it a bit late i the day now would prefer to move out of shed to move the winter stock in.

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Open Letter: Response to Eat Balanced Campaign on Social Media

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Letter to the Editor

January 2021

Have you seen the exciting new AHDB ‘We Eat Balanced’ £1.5 million marketing campaign launched on January 4? Anyone watching social media over the past two weeks won’t be surprised its stimulated debate with huge support, outrage, passion and enthusiasm all stirred up.

We want to inject balance into the debate about red meat and dairy – to start having a different national conversation and put farming’s voice out there. The campaign is being run across TV, print and in retail as well as social media, so millions of consumers will have the opportunity to see it. We know 98 per cent of households enjoy meat and dairy but some are looking to reduce, and this is who our campaign speaks to.

Farmers and consumers alike have congratulated us for airing...