YEN feedback survey - Tell us why you joined


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Here's feedback we got from YEN members describing why they joined the YEN network. We'll follow this up to explain what benefits farmers have got by participating in the network and the competition.

We'd love to have input from YEN members, What is working for you? Why would you recommend YEN to others?

What's it all about ?

Technical Knowledge - YEN members get quarterly technical updates

Innovation - YEN is all about testing new ideas, yield testing, crop trials

Networking - Lots of ways to meet up with forward thinking farmers, crop experts, input suppliers, sponsor-led groups are pushing boundaries, annual awards conference

Yield Competition - Final yield and percentage of potential yield achieved, bench-marking with your peers

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Easy-to-use packaging makes chemical handling safer, quicker and more convenient

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ADAMA has announced the launch of a new range of easy-to-use packaging for its portfolio of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide products. Featuring design elements which are the result of feedback from farmers and sprayer operators, the new containers make it easier, quicker and safer to use ADAMA’s range of crop protection products.

The new 5-litre containers feature a standard 63mm diameter pouring neck which is now sealed with a...