Yields in 2018


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Barley harvest has already started and many oilseed rape crops aren't far off. Some wheat crops on light land are looking worrying close to harvest too.

What are your forecasts for yield this season? If you've started already, what yields are you achieving?
I wouldn't like to even guess. My SB hasn't had any rain to speak of since it was sown. My main worry is ending up with small shrivelled grains, and chaff......
Bumper season it's not going to be. Rain mid July onwards will be too late now.

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Machinery destroyed in latest of 4 farm arson attacks

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Written by Agriland Team

Machinery was destroyed – along with a shed and a number of bales – in an overnight farm fire in Co. Down over the weekend – which is the latest in a series of shed fires believed to be started deliberately.

In a statement on social media, local members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) confirmed the news of the incident, which took place near Banbridge...