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Now in its second year, Arable Scotland aims to bring together the key players in food production from farmers to distillers and exporters to demonstrate and discuss key industry issues such as innovative and sustainable farming.

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Sustainable agriculture: urban farmer Will grows food with aeroponic towers

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Urban farmer Will from Applegarth farm has been using aeroponic towers to supply his restaurant and retail outlet with fresh produce.

This innovative farming method allows him to grow round cucumber, lettuce and chillies all year round here in the UK all on the same tower without soil and using less water than normal agricultural practices.

Learn more about how aeroponic gardening works:

[0.00] Why does urban farmer Will grow his crops using aeroponic towers?
[1.55] How do aeroponic towers work?
[3:20] How does Will feed the seedlings?
[4:48] How to grow an aeroponic garden during winter?
[6:03] How does Will produce seedlings in the winter?
[7:24] What are the benefits of growing food sustainably for your farm and the environment?