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short 6 minute mental health film

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bridgwater agricultural society have funded this 6 minute short film please watch very moving and honest story about exmoor farmer

Fitting new tyres to a JCB Fastrac

ORFC: Nature Means Business

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ORFC Global 2021 Workshop Nature is a key stakeholder in any farm business, but how do you account for the assets it provides? Correct and supportive management of nature can actually improve the business bottom line. After significant research and analysis of over 80 farm businesses, Chris Clark and the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) team will lead you through this Maximum Sustainable Output (MSO) approach showing how nature is inextricably linked to your business and how these ’free assets’ can be maximised without detriment to the land and nature. New evidence will also be shared about ‘low to no management’ of nature scenarios and the possible consequences it may have on your business.

Join Chris and NFFN at this interactive workshop on...

Mind Your Head 2021 The Living Years

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It’s #MindYourHead week and we’re asking everyone living and working in agriculture to get involved.

Claas Lexion 770 with Vario 930

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The German pasture grass variety was grown on this 17-hectare field for seed production and then threshed with a Claas Lexion 770 with a Vario 930.

Fendt 942 - 939 | NH T8.435 SmartTrax | Maschio Gaspardo | Moro Aratri | SARDO

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Fendt 942 - 939 | NH T8.435 SmartTrax | Maschio Gaspardo | Moro Aratri | SARDO

In this new video we see a Fendt 942 Vario and a 939 Vario at work with MORO plows and four-furrow plows respectively, while sowing is entrusted to a New Holland T8.435 SmartTrax Blue Power combined with a Maschio Gaspardo Centauro combined seeder with width of work of 6 meters. A Fendt 820 Vario with Cargo 5X 90 loader is used for seed loading.
I thank the F.lli Sardo farm for availability!
Location: Alessandria
Date: 08/11/2020

ORFC - Agroecology Across Three Continents: Showcasing Good Policy Practices

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ORFC Global 2021 Session Governments are beginning to recognise the urgent need to transform our food systems. This has been made even more pressing by the current health and economic crisis caused by the COVID pandemic. Currently, there are good but rather scattered examples of governments around the world that have been developing conducive and innovative policies aimed at introducing and implementing agroecological and resilient principles. Join three leading policymakers from three different countries (India, Denmark and Uganda) as they explain the good policy practices they are helping to put in place, which make possible the long-term transformation of the food and agricultural systems of their countries.

Chaired by IFOAM – Organics...

Entangled Lives: Fungal Networks, Ecology, and Us

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Thinking about fungi makes the world look different. Most fungi live out of sight, yet make up a massively diverse kingdom of organisms that support and sustain nearly all living systems. Fungi throw our concepts of individuality and even intelligence into question. They can change our minds, heal our bodies, and help remediate environmental disaster. In this conversation, Merlin Sheldrake and Charles Foster will discuss the ways these extraordinary organisms – and our relationships with them – change our understanding of the planet on which we live, and the ways that we think, feel, and behave.

Speakers: Merlin Sheldrake, Charles Foster

ORFC Global 2021 Opening Plenary

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Opening plenary with speakers and farmers from around the world.

Featuring: Colin Tudge, Sam Lee, Anna Lappe, Nnimmo Bassey, Morgan Ody, Erin Matariki Carr, Te Kahurerema, Nury Martinez, Tshering Ongmu Bhutia, Alice Cunningham and Taiko Drummers

Massey Ferguson 9T IDEAL

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I had a look back at some video that was produced for LAMMA the other year that I didn't publish online. This is of the Massey Ferguson 9T IDEAL

Defra answers farmers' questions about Environment Land Management and the Ag Transition Plan

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The Farming Forum members questions to DEFRA's David Kennedy and Janet Hughes about the latest news on ELMS

Guy Martin drives an 8,000hp tractor pull

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To view more videos on Lamma 365 like this please click here -

Deutz-Fahr & custom Challenger road grader

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A little clip of the Deutz-Fahr and custom Challenger road grader in action at Rockscape

Welcome to the Doe Show 2021

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Launched in 1960, The Doe Show is the largest agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery dealer show in the UK and is a popular fixture in the calendar every year for many people.

We have a team of people on hand to help you with advice or answer any questions so please use the contact details or click on the live chat button to speak to us right now.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our Doe Show with a Difference!

New Holland T8 Grange LDT and Vaderstad Rexius

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A video I recorded the footage for last year and only got round to putting it together this week. Jonny in the New Holland T8 Grange LDT and Vaderstad Rexius at Rocksape

Full Video of the GRIMME Varitron & HAITH SUPA-BAG 10

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Following on from the short 1 min version last year. Here is a longer one, with more footage of the harvesting.

Paths to Profitability: Kasey Bryant Bamberger

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On her family’s farm in Ohio, Kasey Bryant Bamberger uses digital technology and natural microbiology to enrich her soil and produce a healthier crop. In their first year of using cover crops and no-till, they have already seen a large-scale weed reduction.

LAMMA365 has arrived

Chopping Corn in Ohio 2020

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13 year old chopping corn with 6 Belgians and New Holland 717 chopper