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Terraton Project

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A global effort to remove 1 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it to enrich our agricultural soils.

The world's 3.6 billion acres of agricultural soils offer the most immediate, scalable, and affordable opportunity to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. This requires innovation, open-source experimentation, and investment

Coxicert for Calves

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Prevent clinical signs of Coccidiosis with Coxicert. Coxicert prevents coccidiosis by killing parasites already in the gut and reducing environmental contamination by limiting oocyst excretion. Treats lambs and calves and helps to prevent further contamination of the environment.A single oral dose – easy to administer.

For advice and further information please contact your local Downland retailer

Hauling Bales Home - Massey Ferguson 7616

The Last Days of Wheat Harvest 2019

Video: Cherwell Farming - The Beginning of Harvest

Claas and Fendt - Pressing and Collecting Bales 2019

Umm Yeah That's Stuck! - Welker Farms Inc

Sky EasyDrill on College Farm

Harvest 2019 Day 16

Podcast: Meet The Farmers - Episode 41 with Phil Jarvis

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In this episode Ben travels to Leicestershire to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Allerton Project to speak to farming legend Phil Jarvis who at the the time had just returned from the annual 'Cereals' event. Phil has farmed at the Allerton Project since the 1990s and since then has experimented with a vast range of strategies to understand how to farm the land in a more sustainable manner...

Perrard Chaser Bin in Czech Republic

Podcast: Back to the Roots - Composting Cleveland with Nathan Rutz and Michael Robinson

Video: Amish Haymaking

Video: Muddy Corn Chopping: 884 hp Claas 980 Jaguar Forage Harvester


"The mission to cross Wales in a straight line."

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Introduction video.
Where he sets out his goal to cross wales in a straight line.
Talks about the problems crossing terrain, getting through hedges, over fences , evading farmers.
Sets up a crowdfunding page for equipment he needs.
Asks for support to get his equipment transported.
Video series of the walk is also available I believe

Challenger VS Deere

A Day in the Life of a Farmer #Farm24 - Tom Pemberton

Bringing in the Harvest

Isn't it Pretty?!

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