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SFI pilot video diary - hear from Jess and family from South Thorness Farm

Incredible Low cost Grain Drier

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Cheap way of 'storing' and drying grain !!!

Secretary of State Speech - George Eustice - OFC 2022

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Secretary of State Speech, George Eustice address the OFC 2022 delegation. "Today, I can also announce that we are increasing the payment rates for countryside stewardship by around 30%." Watch the announcement from the Secretary of State, George Eustice.

We need to get this Muck Out! New Grab in Action!

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It's a big day as we house all of our sheep for winter! We need to get all the muck out of the shed ready for them to come in!

Barn build

So you think you've welded in an awkward place?

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Watch this, awkward on a different level.

SFI pilot video diary - Charlie, Kensham Farms

Spike out drilling winter cereals in his John Deere and HORSCH Simba Drill

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Here we have Spike out drilling winter cereals in his John Deere and HORSCH Simba Drill at Thoresby Farming

The Environment Secretary's speech at the CLA Conference outlining his vision for farming in England

Who's looking at grazing lucerne as a drought resilient pasture?

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Hi folks,

We've produced this film to share knowledge from farmer led research looking at various drought resilient pastures in the east of the UK.

You can watch it here:

It would be interesting to hear who else has had a positive result from lucerne? What learnings you have made? And if any businesses in the drier east would be tempted to grow lucerne/adapt sheep into their arable system after watching this?


Catchup: Deere Studio Tractors Event

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Catchup on the event here:

How gene editing can benefit us

JCB Leccy Loadall (525-60E) on-test

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Now then everybody. This week (Oct 2021), we are trying out JCB's new electric-powered Loadall, the 525-60E. But before we get stuck into the machine, have you got any questions, or would like to know anything about the machine?
As you can imagine, we've got a shed load of questions with this machine; can it perform, how long does the battery last, how long does it take to charge, what do you need to charge it, the list goes on. So if you've got any questions like that, just let us know and we'll see what we can do. Then as we get stuck into the machine over the next week, we'll try and answer your questions.
The full review video, hopefully with a few questions answered, will then be out in a few weeks time on


All action harvest video with a Claas 760 and GrainSaver GS 24-5 Chaser Bin

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Acres have been out with @FarmerTorque again to produce this really interesting video cutting wheat

Barn update welding


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The John Deere Forager show on October 13th 2021.

Join our new DEERE STUDIO format together in real time! At DEERE STUDIO our host Patrice Bouédibéla celebrates the 50th anniversary of the John Deere forage harvesters with you.

Product specialists from John Deere reveal the stories behind the machines. Stay tuned when we present the two brand new forage harvester models - 9500/9600. The new models combine efficiency and productivity: This includes crop analysis and documentation capabilities and a peerless forage quality with a very robust kernel processor – powered by exceptional engines, including the brand new JD18X. John Deere engineers give you a deep dive into the models and answer your questions about the development and innovations of the...

Two CLAAS 8900 at Warter Priory Estate

Maize Harvest Edit I've Made