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Regenerative Farming in Australia with Charles Massy

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Sustainable Food Trust

At our recent conference, 'Farming and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions', regenerative farmer and author of the book 'Call of the Reed Warbler' (2017), Charles Massy provided an eve of conference address, looking at, amongst other things, the critical role that ruminants play in landscape preservation and restoration. Charles Massy is a...

Vegetable weeder demo'd throughout the UK in 2019

2020 Workshop Mods - Bench/Sliproller/Plasma Table

Cereal & Oilseed update January 2020

David Kennedy speaks at the Oxford Farming Conference 2020

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Some more details about ELMs.

Wasn't the internet supposed to make things easier?

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers' speech at Oxford Farming Conference 2020

Harvest Like You've Never Seen Before|Stellar Drone Footage|Welker Rewind 2019

Join us at the UK's leading Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Technology Show!

Forager or Combine? Meet the hybrid John Deere 99!

I Will Miss You

360 Degree Videos - Variable-Intensity Tillage

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Love the way you can look around the video.

Pre and Post Lambing Nutrition

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Principles of feeding – late pregnancy and post lambing
• Assess body condition score
• Group accordingly
• Analyse forage
• Assess ewes – metabolic profiles
• Quality of supplement
• MAXIMISE dry matter intake
• Post lambing nutrition
• Grazing cover, forage, supplements

Assess body condition score
• Ewe nutrition – year round importance
• Aim – optimum body condition score at lambing
• Lambing ease
• Minimal risk of disease – metabolic...


Feeding groups of calves - made easy

Choosing Sugar Beet variety traits

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Make sure you choose the right varieties for your circumstances by checking varietal traits - find out more about canopy architecture and how it can help you to pick varieties that fit your soil type or management plan. Dr Simon Bowen explains more...

From well-known favourite exhibitors to more than 40 newcomers, there's an expert that can help you at #CropTec19

“It’s important for me to have a better understanding and express my views to the manufacturers” Oliver Scott, Thelveton Farms #CropTec19 visitor

CropTec Show 2018 Event Highlights

Ewe nutrition pre tupping to early pregnancy

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Objectives for optimum ewe nutrition and management
• Optimum body condition score (BCS) – 3.5 for lowland (2.5 hill)
• Achieving body weight targets at mating
• Maximising fertility – ovulation rate, conception and low barren rate Early pregnancy nutrition
• Maintaining pregnancy – reducing embryonic loss

Target body condition score
• Assess and group AT WEANING and split
• Target – 3.5 BCS for lowland ewes and 2.5 for hill ewes pre tupping

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