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Harvest at Sunset with 2 CLAAS Combines

Barn build part 2

Farm Safety - Rethink Risk

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In a year where the number of people killed on farms in Great Britain has almost doubled compared to the previous year, we need to take a more serious approach to a more serious issue… Why are farmers continuing to ignore the issue of safety? Why are twice as many over 60s having life-ending incidents on farms compared to the rest of the industry? And what are we going to do about it?

Should I be growing Miscanthus for electricity production instead of growing food?

Agroforestry at Shimpling Park Farm

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In this video, John Pawsey describes the agroforestry at Shimpling Park Farm. In December 2020 they planted 3 fields totalling about 50 acres with 3,500 trees that mimic the species in the adjacent SSSI woodland and are ideally suited for the farm soil type. Between the trees they are growing organic arable crops (cereals and pulses) and plan to also graze their sheep. The trees are planted in lines in the fields at 36m intervals, with 4m wide alleys. John talks about what inspired him, the reasons behind some of the practical decisions, how they plan to use and manage the trees and expected benefits; for livestock, people, wildlife and the environment. This was made for ‘A National Network of Agroforestry Farms, ’a 'Farming the Future' A Team...

Smallholding video diary: Lambing

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Lambing season has started!... it's actually ended but life got hectic & sadly video making got pushed to one side, here's my girl lambing it's her second year of lambing & she was brilliant but I want to show everyone our lambing routine.

2021 harvest gets closer & it's looking like a great one plus zero-tariffs & retirement plan

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After all the rain in May, the sun has come out and the crops are loving it. I also look at the Government's retirement plan for farmers and the effect on UK farmers of a potential zero-tariff deal with Australia.

Rural Life Museum Northampton

Transforming the global livestock sector - Dr. Anne Mottet

Harry's farming test and trial story

Science in Farming the art of Growing

Agri-south Kent 2021

Finally! Someone talking sense

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Hopefully this link works...

This guy has put together a video debunking the onslaught of vgn propaganda against the meat/dairy industry. Thought I'd post for interest, it may already have been found and be elsewhere on here.

My review is that it's a breath of fresh air to hear a properly put together argument on our side. The downside is that it's a bit long as it tackles all the issues in one video, but if it were split into bitesize chunks it would be a lot better.

Stationary engine's part 2

Kronected Stream: A brand new 8-part video series from Krone UK and LAMMA365

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Welcome to a brand new series of videos from LAMMA365 in partnership with Krone UK. Called Kronected Stream, in this eight-part series we’ll be peeling back the covers and really getting under the skin of Krone UK, exploring the journey from factory, to dealer to you the customer.

Coming up over the next eight weeks we’ll be learning all about the company, its people, its different departments, its products and, crucially, why it does what it does. A particular focus of Kronected Stream is to really get to know the people of Krone UK, because as we all know, ag is still very much a people business, and it really is the people that make the industry.

In the first episode we’ve got an introduction to Krone UK from its marketing manager, James...

A bit of welding

Sustainable agriculture: urban farmer Will grows food with aeroponic towers

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Urban farmer Will from Applegarth farm has been using aeroponic towers to supply his restaurant and retail outlet with fresh produce.

Stationary engines

Situation Vacant Harvest Tractor Driver

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Harvest Tractor Driver required on 400 ha arable farm in south west Wiltshire.

Mid-July until September.

Duties will include corn carting, general grain store work and some cultivations.

Must be reliable and prepared to work long hours/weekends.

Experience essential. Driving licence essential. Telescopic handler certificate preferable.

Sorry, no accommodation available so must live locally.

!!!! Position now filled !!!

Tractor collection