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Direct Drilling Barley with the Versatile 405 and HORSCH 12m Sprinter Drill

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I have been out filming with the Versatile-Ag 405 and HORSCH 12m Avatar drill. Direct drilling winter barley

Chanelle - Ostertagia ostertagi

Ploughing with Steam part 2

FarmFLiX - John Deere 7810

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John's new 7810 has finally arrived and he already has a job for it! It's time to see what the new machine is made of.
Want to know more about John McClean? Subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow behind the scenes with the founder of FarmFLiX

Steam Ploughing Engines

Colin the woodman

Hybrid Barley Calculator

2020 CLAAS Lexion 8800 TT - Harvest from 2020 and 2019

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A video I put together of the 2020 CLAAS Lexion 8800 TT. It is made from both this years footage and last years that was supplied to CLAAS. Last year it was PRE SERIES so was badged 780 before getting changed at the end of the season. :)

Ploughing with Tracks

Tractors and Carts part 2

AHDB webinar - Introducing SUPER-G: Sustainable Permanent Grassland project

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The SUPER-G project is a European wide project aiming to work with farmers and policymakers to develop sustainable & effective permanent grassland systems. Aims of this project include optimising productivity, supporting biodiversity and delivering a number of other ecosystems services.

This webinar has a real focus on mixed species swards with farmer-led research.

James Drummond from Lemmington Hill Head Farm in Northumberland is trialling the performance of multi-species swards & herbal lays. Now in year two of the project, James has been working closely with delivery partner ADAS to monitor both animal and grassland performance. Other speakers include independent consultant Rhidian Jones, and livestock production specialist Emily Grant...

Graintab TV - Trader Chats - Harvest Progress, Blending, Premiums Outlook & Brexit

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In this video we discuss harvest progress, tips for blending, premiums potential for wheat and barley and Brexit risk.

Video link -


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Quite a story, well worth a watch.

Vintage Tractor Collection

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Hi, Guys Please check out my new video

Graintab TV - Understand your grain contracts

2020 Harvest is finished, finally. Time to get the rapeseed in the ground

Iowa Farm Damage

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The Millenial Farm, who has a Youtube channel, travels south into Iowa to see the severe damage to crops and farm buildings.

Probably one of the best farm video reports I have seen.

Shallow ploughing with an ovlac mini

Perfect way to check the stock / crops.

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I want one... a lot... now... :cool:

Preparing the combine for rapeseed

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