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Titan 1020 international harvest

FENDT 936 with Pichon tanker & 24m Dribble Bar

Leyland Tractors

Field Marshall Tractor

Mouse plague in Aus....... what a mess.

Single ram trailers

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Interesting look at trailers going back to the single ram, also like the chain adjuster on the muck spreaders.

Very rare Tractors

A bit of raking and rolling

Novag Inteliforce plus

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Interesting animation explaining the Novag notill drill inteliforce plus coulter

I helped set a 4m up a machine for a customer 2 weeks ago as the Factory team are unable to travel currently due to French / British Covid restrictions. Was on some heavy soils and I was very impressed with the job it was doing

I think this is the tool for heavy land notill imo

More Stationary engine

Ferguson Tractor Bits

Stationary engines

Pottinger Cultivators

Review: Fendt 943 Vario MT tracked tractor

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Taking on Agco’s tracked tractor baton for Europe, Fendt’s introduction of tracked tractors picks up from where the Challenger brand left off. James Rickard reports.

As reported, Agco decided to pull the plug on the Challenger brand in Europe and absorb all of its products into the Bavarian brand. As well as the tractors, this also includes sprayers, automatically giving Fendt a larger portfolio of equipment and also an alternative to its wheeled tractors in the process.

As in the Challenger days, Fendt’s line-up of tracked tractors includes seven models; three small framed machines from 380 to 431hp and four large framed machines from 492 to 646hp. And as before, all models are built in Agco’s Jackson plant, Minnesota, US.

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Walkaround: John Deere 9000 Series foragers

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Featuring new engines, a new flagship model, uprated drivelines, along with fresh model numbering and styling, it is fair to say John Deere has been busy updating its range of wide body self-propelled foragers.

Headline-grabbing news is the introduction of a new top model, which sees JD’s chopper range extend to 970hp. This puts it on the shopping list of those contractors considering large output machines for power-sapping jobs such as maize and whole crop rye harvesting.

The more powerful forager offering is also a reflection of the changing trend towards larger foragers, simply to get things done in less time, suggests John Deere.

As before, the JD forager line-up consists of a range of narrow body and a range of wide body machines. To now...

William Foster of Lincoln Threshing Machine

one man and his tractors

Prototype parallel plough

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You will see the practical demonstration of the prototype of a parallel plough. Developed and built by Hans von der Heide. Patented worldwide.

World's first secured minimum price beef contract for cattle with lifetime data

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Today we're proud to launch the world's first secured minimum price beef contract for cattle with lifetime data.

Welcome to a new era of price certainty for livestock farmers.

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Canno. Pick-up

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A Rivan electric pickup alternative?