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Direct Driller is a new farming magazine, designed by farmers for farmers to educate and inform the industry about no-till techniques
Start Simple With Cover Crops Cover crops are becoming the new ‘in’ thing for arable farmers, and more are trying them out, often without really knowing what they are doing. Seed merchants are getting in on the act, and there’s an increasing amount of conflicting advice out there. Farmers want a plan they can follow, and here is one for any practical farmer who wants to succeed with them. Writes Mike Donovan in this article from @Practical Farm Ideas issue 24-4 Steve Townsend has been...
Asda Soil Masters Bursary Visit US Farms Asda arranged and funded a ‘Soil Masters’ tour of a number of US farms which have been in the forefront of no-till techniques. The main part of the bursary project was to explore the feasibility of combining arable and beef farming using a combination of no till farming practices which include all year round crop coverage and natural fertilisation with the purpose of regenerating the ever decreasing organic soil structure and matter of over farmed...
How To Start Drilling For £8K Clive Bailye’s seed drill of choice is his 6m John Deere 750A , which has been used exclusively for 3-4 seasons. Last year, with an increased acreage, the founder and publisher of this Direct Driller magazine thought a second seed drill was necessary. Having just the one machine was a risk and in a difficult season would mean drilling was delayed. He looked around and found a good condition Horsch CO6 tine drill advertised in Germany. Words and pictures by...
Aqua-Till Uses a Water Jet to Open The Groove Originally written by Frédéric Thomas – and published in TCS Magazine in August 2013 Cutting with water Ultra High Pressure (UHP) technology is rapidly developing in the industrial world. We appreciate its ability to quickly and cleanly cut virtually anything. In agriculture, the need to precisely cut is just as much as requirement and in many different situations, with one such application being opening a furrow for direct seeding. Greg...
Conservation Agriculture Guru Shows Secrets Of Their Success in No-Till First published in @Practical Farm Ideas Issue #95, Issue 24-3 Autumn 2015 No-till, zero-till and conservation agriculture have subtle differences in meaning. In all of them, seeds are sown directly into the stubble and trash (or rather mulch) left by the combine. Each of these terms is there to reflect the standpoint of the user. Zero-till says “I never use any cultivation”, while No-Till is fractionally softer, so...
Plowman' s Folly By Edward H. Faulkner With a Foreword by S. Graham Brade-Birks M.Sc. (Manc.), D.Sc. (Lond.), of the SouthEastern Agricultural College (University of London), Wye, Kent. First published 1945 Traditions of the Plough The answer to the question, Why do farmers plough? should not be difficult to arrive at. Ploughing is almost universal. Farmers like to plough. If they did not get pleasure from seeing the soil turn turtle, knowing the while that by ploughing they dispose...

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Spike out drilling winter cereals in his John Deere and HORSCH Simba Drill

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Here we have Spike out drilling winter cereals in his John Deere and HORSCH Simba Drill at Thoresby Farming