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    This is a joint 10-week exercise covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The request for views will close on 9 November.

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Great In Grass
Feb 13, 2013
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Independent Seed Supplier

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Great In Grass

Member, Male, from Cornwall.

    1. SimonG
      Do you have any black oats for sale again this year
    2. Greytop
      Hi, can u give me a price on 12 acres worth of Timothy?and 11acres of a medium term cutting ley?
    3. ISCO
      Looking to fill forage gap by drilling all stubbles with forage.
      Would Westerwold/ Italian mix be best for quick bulk sown next week.
      What would be cost 25 acres to durham
    4. poorsheepfarmer
      Do you have a website?
    5. Verity92
      evening, ive got some tired, muddy looking pastures. Any good and cheap overseeding mixtures available for grazing? Thanks, much appreciated.
    6. rolyjam
      Could you let me know what quantities you supply in and price to North Staffs
    7. rolyjam
      do you still do grass screenings
      1. Great In Grass
        Great In Grass
        Hi, yes about a tonne as of 2:30pm this afternoon.
        Jun 9, 2017
    8. eyeball41
      Evening great in grass,
      I've just taken my ewes and lambs off 25acres of proto plus. The plan is to make as best quality big bale silage for my ewes next winter.
      Just wondering if you had any tips for me, i.e. Cutting height of grass, mow height, ? I'll turn it out 24/36 hrs weather depending, row up, chopper baler with six or eight layers plastic.
      Should I use any additives ?
      Any tips/pointers most welcome
    9. kmo
      Hi. are you doing anything with forage mustard? Looking for 75 to 80 kg, depending on bag size.
    10. Steel
      Do you know anything about exporting seed to Australia. I am after some Phacelia and am unable to get any more than 50 seeds here. I would like at least 10kg to try it out.

      1. Great In Grass
        Great In Grass
        I'll ask a couple of suppliers but I would think it's near on impossible, have you tried your neighbour NZ?
        May 31, 2016
      2. Steel
        I can only find one mention of it being grown in NZ and did not find anybody selling it. I will look again.
        May 31, 2016
    11. Cyril
      Can you give me a quote on 40 acres of grass seed please?
    12. cowcrazy
      Hi Kev. are you able to get 10 acres of beretta fodder beet seed (standard treated). I had some ordered but they mis counted the stock and it seems scarcer than hens teeth.
      1. Great In Grass
        Great In Grass
        I've sent you a PM, all fodder beet is in very short supply with many suppliers sold out, my last order today for 7 acres was made up of three different varieties!
        May 5, 2016
    13. pgk
      Seed arrived yesterday no problems. Thanks
      1. Great In Grass
        Great In Grass
        Super job, let me know how you get on. Thanks again.
        Aug 20, 2015
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