1. Hilly

    Box section

    I would like 100mmx 100mm box gate post to be removable need a sleeve concreted into ground what size box fits over 100x100 or will I have to make Sleeve ?
  2. TexelBen

    Back to back lambing pens

    We're on with redesigning the lambing shed layout to make more room for bonding pens. The problem I'm having, is how to attach pens back to back. We've iae hurdles with loops on, we're gonna have to buy more hurdles and I'm wondering if any other types of hurdles with attach properly? I seem to...
  3. Phil P

    Should He Pay the Dealer?

    Bit of a long story but here goes. One of my customers tried calling me on Friday, however I’d left my phone at the office and Friday is my airport day so didn’t get his message until until late afternoon. So, I got back to him and his jd 6820 had stopped driving and had a load of lights...
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Bateman demount unit

    Bateman demount unit Advert added by: Richard Suddes @Suddy Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Sprayer Parts Price: £1600 Condition: Used Description Demount unit for fertiliser spreader mud guards and jacks come with it not the best photo as it was oil up and the dust...
  5. Farm Classifieds

    Trelleborg 580/65 r22.5

    Trelleborg 580/65 r22.5 Advert added by: Richard Suddes @Suddy Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2800 Condition: Used Description 80% tread remaining. Fits Bateman rb25 and others no repairs 07739429578 How to make contact with the Seller...
  6. Danllan

    Sheep hayrack on wheels (IAE probably)

    I'm utterly p!ssed off with the amount of hay my ewes are wasting and am now considering wheeled hayracks. Quite apart form the waste of feed, it's bl**dy annoying having to clear up the stuff. I've been using ring feeders because it's just easier to put a bale out for a given number of ewes...
  7. organicguy

    Self locking yokes

    Thinking of putting self locking yokes in a beef shed! Likely the shed will be cows in the future but need to justify doing them now. Is it worth it for 2yr old beef cattle? Could I use them for 15 month Friesian heifers for AI? Will the yokes fit both size cattle? What are the best yokes? How...
  8. P

    B250 steering box oil

    Just finished putting new bearing kit in steering box, googled for best oil, and struggled for answer, workshop manual currently hidden in safe place, any body able know which oil suitable. Thanks in advance
  9. Sprayer 1

    Mounting a fert spreader on to a sands sprayer chassis.

    After watching cab over pete s thread with great interest, and seeing a lot of older sands sprayers for sale cheap, I was thinking about mounting the fert spreader on a sprayer chassis. Advantages would be high clearance , floats and rowcrops and 4 wheel steer. I would be interested to know...
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Waterlogged site doesn’t stop the Sprayer Demo.

    Written by John Swire The Sprayer demo has moved to a sand site at Hagworthingham, approximately 5 miles from the original venue. If you are seriously thinking about purchasing a new sprayer then the National Sprayer Demo is the event to go to. It takes place on Wednesday 26th February 2020...
  11. tomlad

    Simply bearings

    After bearings for meddling pillar drill Googling as u , do simply bearings seem extremely cheap, anyone had any dealings. Ive ordered two but what the quality is .......
  12. J


    Can anyone explain in simple terms the different types of GPS available, price etc that would make it possible to spray accurately. As I said in another thread, tried a cheap thing about 8 years ago which was dreadful and haven't looked since. Cheers
  13. ZXR17

    Self propelled sprayer tyres

    Some advice please . I have a Househam AR 3000 that came on Trelleborg flotations which looked great , big wide cleats with a diamond pattern in the centre and so lots of rubber on the ground but basically it is a trailer tyre and not a driven tyre . The only problem is that our ground is all...
  14. ploughman1963

    Do LED lights affect GPS signal?

    My son has asked if there is any detrimental effects upon a simple GPS set up from using cheap LED lights in the same way that they affect the radio in the tractor? Me, being a technological dinosaur, am relying upon asking the collective for the answer Thanks
  15. TurfWoody

    Situation Vacant Skilled Tractor Driver

    Experienced Tractor Driver wanted for a Midlands based Arable Farm and Sports Turf Contracting business. This is a flexible role in a diverse business which could include a wide range of duties depending on the applicants experience. The role will involve operating a range of modern, specialist...
  16. K

    Fitting John Deere atu on househam ?

    Looking to fit an existing atu 300 unit on our old AR2500 househam with a stand alone 2630 screen and 3000 receiver. Has anybody done this ? Did it work ok ? How much did it cost ? What wiring harness is needed and where’s best place to get it ? is the steering boss still available ? Thanks for...
  17. tr250

    Recomend me a lamb weigh crate

    We are thinking we might invest in a new lamb weigher we would like it to be easy to access the lamb for drenching and tagging. Be lightweight and maybe even able to be carried in the prattly but also used in a static system and have a basic digital read out we are not interested in eid