1. J

    John Deere engine 6068 (Bateman) variable geometry turbo problem

    I have a 2008 Bateman RB35 fitted with what I believe to be a 6068 225hp John Deere engine It sometimes loses power, to the point whereby it will not rev and go up hills. The errors produces are... 1569 Fuel Derate 2795 VGT callibration version 641 VGT actuator The old owner had the same...
  2. B

    Cattle crush options.

    Looking at another cattle crush. The old one is rusted through needing a refurb. 100 Sucklers through 5 times plus calves 3 times annually plus monthly weighing of finishers. Is a hydraulic squeeze worth it? What brands, looking at Arrow and Raging Bull plus Bateman. Don't like IAE Saracen. Our...
  3. David.

    Whose day has started badly on Edinburgh bypass.

    Radio 2 traffic report of an unwell combine :eek:.
  4. norfolk'n'good

    Bateman floatation tyre

    Bateman rb16 floatation tyre or complete wheel required. 600/55 r26.5
  5. G

    Claas mega combine

    Wanted 203 to 218 Or 350/60
  6. Farm Classifieds


    RB16 Advert added by: Jim Simmons Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £19500 Condition: Used Description Bateman RB16 1999 Engine hours 10,100ish 3000l tank 24m booms slug pelleter Twin lines Flotations wheels Serviced...
  7. L

    Free Hay Crop near Chester

    The Land Trust manages 6.7Ha of meadow at The Countess of Chester Country Park, CH2 1UL, which yields about 120 round bales. Due to our current agreement coming to an end, we are looking for a local Farmer to cut and collect this year's hay crop. As the site is open to dog walkers, the hay...
  8. S

    Disappointed by cattle hurdles

    Took delivery of some cattle hurdles today. Been waiting nearly 6 weeks for them and got to say I am really disappointed by the standard of them. They were relatively cheap, from a new company which I will not name but the welding looks like it was done blindfolded. Am I being too fussy?
  9. dinderleat

    Calf shed

    Building a new calf shed the plan is to have 12 13x10ft pens 6 either side fed with milk bars. Wanted something similar to this For the fronts of pens with cake troughs on the front. Has anyone got similar or a better design.
  10. L

    Cattle feed barriers

    Hi just looking for opinions on the best make cattle feed barriers, to suit 15ft bays above a concrete panel wall. Options are IAE, Bateman and jourdain.
  11. B

    Farm gates uk Ltd

    Anybody know anything about them? There advertising in local farming papers over here, sheep and cattle mobile pens, any body know them ?
  12. jonnieboy

    Situation Vacant Key Arable operator North Yorkshire

    Lightwater Farms Ltd is based near Ripon north Yorkshire. The long term goals of the estate are to improve the soils, yields and biodiversity on the Estate. We are using Conservation Agriculture practices to achieve this including a longer rotation and use of cover crops where we can. We are...