1. R

    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
  2. Henarar

    Agricultural personal number plates

    They seem to make a lot of money for what they are. Always thought it was just posers that would have such a thing. What do others think ?
  3. Yorkshire lad

    Noisy vehicles

    I've been in the waggon today .While in some slow moving traffic there was an Audi A3 with a custom exhaust on it at the side of me The noise from it was awfull He was being followed by various VW and Subaru's all with modified exhausts Later on I was passed by a gang Harley Davidsons...
  4. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
  5. D

    ECU repairs/ sales

    Anyone had dealings with any good firms that test and repair, and/or sell reconditioned ECUs for Massey Ferguson tractors? In this case a 6200 series with hydraulic problems. TIA.
  6. Greythundercloudys

    New spray but no licence.

    Guy along the road got a new sprayer this week, he's spraying rushes etc on his farm, but l can bet he's not got a licence or what ever you need to use it or does grandfather rights still count if its only used on your farm.
  7. Brisel

    Getting field data to the agronomist

    How do you do this when your agronomist turns up to walk the farm? I'm thinking of previous applications, rates, dates etc. I have nearly 200 field under my control, so I can't remember everything & whilst I spend most of the day with the agronomist ad can recall most of the information, I'm not...
  8. Chae1

    Auto boom height control

    Bought another sprayer and considering adding auto boom height control. Boom is only 28m so not massive width. A lot of fields I spray are undulating to say the least. Not many flat. Do you think it's worth paying the extra for it? A arag unit would work with sprayers existing control unit...
  9. M

    Stubble to stubble rates

    What are people currently charging/being charged for a simple stubble to stubble operation on combinable cropping land?
  10. M

    Spraying - low pressure

    Spraying cereals, currently on red (04) flat fans. Wanting to reduce water volume to around 145-150, at 11k that would mean 2 bar or just over. Should that be ok or is it too low for some things - ie get a set of blue nozzles instead?
  11. hillbill

    The on-going up hill battle that is agriculture.....

    It would appear iam not alone in having difficultly getting and keeping decent staff? Is it a nation wide issue or more regional? Wheres the best place to find the unicorns that maybe out there? Also, machinery price increases are a constant issue to us. I know theres nothing we can appear to...
  12. S

    maize spraying

    What wheel width spacing are folks using for spraying maize?
  13. Bigjon44

    Nozzles not spraying

    Running a bateman 26 2008 and just recently having trouble with some nozzles not spraying when I first start off but as I raise pressure or get further up the field they come on !.could this be problems with the diaphragm in the chem savers? Any help would be appreciated
  14. S

    Mobile cattle forcing pen

    I’m looking for a demountable forcing pen for cattle...only to be moved sites 3 or 4 times a year. I see the rotex that iae make, but just wonding if there was anything else on the market. Thanks
  15. H

    Mechanical drive SP sprayer

    Which sprayers run mechanical driven axles? Thinking something lightweight (3000 litres 24m) rather than anything to big.
  16. D

    Lurmark Pneumatic Boom Section Shutoff Valve won't shut.

    On my old Bateman Hi Lo sprayer manifold we have 4 air operated Lurmark boom section shutoff valves. Over the years I have had a few problems with these valves failing to close particularly at higher spraying pressures. They do close if you switch the spray pump off for a couple of seconds to...
  17. H

    John Deere 170hp engine

    water cooled fitted in a Bateman RB25. Is there anything to watch out for in high houred models? I’ve been offered a very tidy RB25 but it’s done 12,000 hours. Two owners and I’d be buying it privately so no come back. In general it’s extremely tidy machine and I’m not to bothered if I need to...
  18. Romeogolf

    Row crop wheels

    10 stud row crop wheels and tyres x4. 270/95 r38 tyres, between 30% and 40% remaining, rims in good condition. Came off a chafer mirage
  19. Jack Russell

    Bateman RB35 refurb?

    We have an 8 year old Bateman RB35 that is around 7000hrs. It does spraying and liquid fert on 1000ha combinable. Booms are getting tired and maybe some pipe work is getting a little stiff and worn in places so was contemplating a refurb rather than a replacement. Try and get another 6000hr on...
  20. X

    Calving gate design

    Hi. Looking to make a calving gate to get access to opposite side of cows. Crush was built against a solid side so I am having problems getting some calves to suck a cow with a low udder. Plan is to make a calving gate in a pen, but facing opposite way to crush direction. Will be too late for...