1. Agrovista News

    Project Lamport 2020 Update

    It’s Project Lamport week 5 and we join Agrovista Soil Health specialists Rob Purvis and Robert Wilkin, as they get to the bottom of some of your frequently asked questions. Chris Martin and Niall Atkinson share their knowledge on cover crops, cultivating with metal, changing attitudes towards...
  2. B

    Weeds - Pests - Diseases! Trials

    Hi everyone, I work as a field trialist at a leading CRO in the fields of Agrosciences and Regulatory Chemistry Consulting. I conduct crop protection trials ( herbicide/insecticide and fungicide efficacy trials) on different crops in the UK. Usually, I don't have difficulties finding good...
  3. Clive

    Wheat Input costs per T 2019

    I thought it might be interesting to compare inputs costs on Wheat this year ? we could look at otter crops like OSR as well if successful I know this has been tried before on TFF and like any bench-marking consistency in how we compare numbers is vital to it making any sense. So if Outline my...
  4. L

    Direct drilling rates?

    Someone I know is purchasing a direct drill and is looking at doing some contract work. What should he charge for OSR and corn drilling an acre?
  5. Banana Bar

    100% spring cropping

    Whats not to like? Harvest, light cultivation whilst planting cover crop, spray off in December/ January, direct drill as soon as conditions are right in the spring. Massive reduction in fixed costs, cash flow is as easy as it gets, no pressure on the sprayer, seasonal labour requirements are...
  6. bankrupt

    Harvest 2019

    Anyone started yet?
  7. Chris F


    This is the Blackgrass Thread on TFF. A lot of us are struggling with blackgrass and we can use this thread as a central discussion point. On The Farming Forum, Tags allow lots information to be linked. This is the link to the blackgrass tag on TFF for doing more research...
  8. Hereward

    Blackgrass control poll

    Spraying T1 over the last few days and its obvious the blackgrass control isn't as good as I first thought. Last year seemed an easy year here, felt like I was in control, this year looks like normal service is resumed. This weed really is driving every decision on the farm now.
  9. AF News

    The many challenges ahead for Oilseed Rape growers this year

    It seems like it takes a brave farmer to grow OSR these days. However, with the increasing pressure on farmers to extend their rotation to control blackgrass and improve soil health, break crops such as OSR must perform to combat these issues whilst also being profitable. One of the challenges...
  10. T

    Black grass and other weeds in crop fields

    Hello! To being with, I am not a farmer nor a biologist, but I am a researcher who works with plants and I need your help. I know that BG (not to mention other weeds) is a big problem for UK farmers and we are all looking for solutions. I was wondering if you could let me know in which crop...
  11. A

    Blackgrassy wheat for wholecrop

    Ive got some dodgy wheat that i'm looking to sell for wholecropping asap, Does anyone have any idea on approximate wholecrop yield of thick wheat and blackgrass at approx growth stage 39/40 Also any idea on approximate value?
  12. llamedos

    Ariel strategy to beat Blackgrass

    Thought this may be of interest. BLACKGRASS has become the arable farmer’s nightmare. The weed has been prevalent in East Anglia for years but during the past decade it has gradually increased in proliferation further north. A problem with tackling it has been a lack of new chemistry sets...
  13. Longneck

    Blackgrass in cover crop options

    Had a walk over one of my cover crop fields today, oats, radish and vetch but in the bottom is a pretty thick carpet of Blackgrass. The plan was to graze it off with sheep next month then dd oats into it in April. Now thinking if I should kill it off soon before it goes to seed?
  14. T

    Blackgrass after two year Spring break

    Found this a bit worrying earlier. Field was Claydon drilled 1st Oct and sprayed with Vigon after rolling. 2015 harvest was Spring barley with no visible blackgrass after 2014 sugar beet with a few plants. If it hadn't been drilled when it was it wouldn't have been drilled til Spring and I...
  15. richard hammond

    Blackgrass friend or foe!!

    Please read my thoughts before saying Dick Head!! Is blackgrass a good thing as it is making us think about everything we are doing, we have started to look at cultivation systems, cropping rotations, chemical use, and of course full farming systems with regards to profit margins.I will mention...
  16. Formatted

    Alternative Blackgrass control

    Just wondered how many people here had considered using 3-4 year grass leys and then renting them out to sheep farmer's as additional grazing as a method of controlling Blackgrass? We've had quite a lot of interest locally. More information Farmers Weekly explanation...

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