1. Red Fred

    Flystrike in olden times

    We have seen a lot of flystrike this year, and I came across a post on social media asking how they used to treat flystrike in pre-crovect days. Several posters suggested that 19th century shepherds carried copper coins which they rubbed on affected sheep and this somehow discouraged flies...
  2. Princess Pooper

    Faecal egg counts

    Hi first year we have done this. First count yesterday, I collected a pooled sample and vet tech did the count for me. We have a written parasite control plan to refer to as well as vet advice, but I'm just interested in what 'cut off' people use for wormer. These are 9 month old heifers...
  3. Joshie

    Coccidiosis calves

    Morning, I've got a group of calves at the moment which have cocci. Treated on Sunday night with tolracol and metecam, they've practically gone off their cake completely, eat hay not to bad and straw, but they're steady still. Muck isn't to bad, and not seen much blood, just one speck I found...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    First lmb dose,?

    What's folk using this year for the first dose, white stuff?
  5. Hereford21

    Fly prevention?

    Last year we had a few issues with fly strike on our lambs, we were using crovect and did a couple applications on the lambs. None of them died, but it did stall us from selling them for a while. This year we were thinking of buying clik instead but it’s much more expensive, is it worth it?
  6. G

    Orf scratch

    I always vaccinate for orf as soon as practical after 2 weeks of age. This year, for the first time, I've had a pet lamb react to the vaccine and is in a poor state with it around her mouth, up over her nose and around her eyes. It's not infected and she still sucks. Besides the obvious, which...
  7. jackrussell101

    Calf scouring at 8 weeks

    As above, bought a decent month old strong calf from market about a month ago and was doing well, then all of a sudden he's started scouring, very pungent smell, and looks abit sorry for himself. He's super keen for his milk still but just wondering what it could be at 8 weeks? Usually scours...
  8. P

    Help identifying worm eggs under microscope

    Looking for some advice on identifying these eggs. Taken from lambs last year. I was thinking the first is cocci then nematodirus, strongyloide, tapeworm and the last just to compare size
  9. T

    Scour in lambs

    Anyone had this issue ? Best treatments ?
  10. W

    Deccox buckets

    Had medicated deccox buckets for young lambs at grass for the last decade, positioned against fence behind half ring feeder so only lambs had access, got on really well using this system. Previous buckets Came from Scotmin or Dallas Keith, depending on who my rep was dealing with, this year...
  11. Mc115reed

    Nemo virus

    Can nemo eggs still hatch when it’s cold at night? It’s -1 too 2 degrees every night atm but up too 13 in the day at the minute…. scops forecast says hatching to start in 7-14 days for my area but has said that for the last 21 days so it’s hard too use that as a guide 😂
  12. F

    Week old lamb, high temp?

    Strong single lamb, not happy this morning, reluctant to stand. Have had plenty of cold lambs in the past but this was is hot :scratchhead: Given antibiotics. Any ideas?
  13. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  14. A

    Heptavac lambs

    How long after lambing do you leave lambs till they get their first heptavac injection. Thanks.
  15. andybk

    Indoor lambs Cocci

    As a rule we have our lambs out within a week , but this year had to keep them in a bit longer (about a 5 weeks -month) due to having to be off nearby keep quicker and later lambing , i went through lambs and gave a squirt 1-2ml of vecoxin at about 3 weeks old along with first dose of ovivac ...
  16. J

    Calf scour

    Hi all, had a heifer calf die today, she was 3 weeks old but was premature (about a month early) i noticed she didn't drink this morning and tubed her along with some electrolytes took her temp (normal 38 degrees so didn't give antibiotics) but was looking OK so was feeling hopeful I'd caught...
  17. Farmer_1994

    Group housing calves

    Producers with group housing, what is the maximum age gap you would want between oldest and youngest calf? Headlock, with bottle holders for feeding. Thinking maximum group size of 8 which would take us about two weeks to fill. Is that to much age gap between youngest and oldest in the pen?
  18. Ceri

    Spectam Scour hault what we going to do....

    So as your probably all aware they've stopped making spectam. We used it only as a TREATMENT for watery mouth as & when needed. I'm slightly worried what we're going to use instead when we have the odd lamb with wet mouth.. yes we make sure they all have colostrum, lime & clean the lambing pens...
  19. devonbrion1998

    Some worming advise Please

    As above really I have a small batch of 20 march born lambs, these are the last left so not the best doers had some awful worm issues from the last autumn, whereas they get really mucky, I worm them they dry up and look better for a month then back where I started First year I have ever tried a...
  20. Oldmacdonald

    Are Scabivax applicators the worst vaccine applicator in the world?