1. D

    Does anyone scratch for ORF

    First cases of ORF for 25 to 30 years. Such divided opinion, its so confusing. Vet & vet websites online all advocate scratching with vaccine. As preventertive not during an outbreak. Local farmers all swear by parafin or homemade remidies. Have to say I'm very suprised how quickly the ewes...
  2. M

    Lamb cocci advice

    This year instead of buying in stores I took on some cade`s and have been plagued by scours. Weaned at 5 weeks, introduced to grass gradually over the next week then turned them out 24/7. A few of them started getting just a bit loose which I was convinced was just the flush of new grass and the...
  3. Wynnstay

    Investment in Housing Pays by Protecting the Future of the Herd

    A poor start to a calf’s life which impacts growth rates can significantly affect future performance in the herd. Wynnstay’s Account Manager for Biosecurity and Hardware, Richard Wild, says a key factor in poor growth rates, and subsequent milking and DLWG performance, is housing and...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    First wormer for lmbs?

    What do folk recommend for the first dose at around 6 weeks old.
  5. Andyt880

    Dosing lambs for nematodirus and coccidiosis at the same time??

    What are the thoughts on giving the 2 doses at the same time? I will be doing them with their first heptavac as well. To much all at once? Cocci does is a preventative measure. Had a bad touch of it last year in lambs
  6. jacobl741

    Calves going downhill

    Got a friend who’s calves are getting to 2 months old and then going downhill fast, no scouring or anything just really going backwards. Vets have done several blood tests and found nothing, vet is suggesting possibly chronic fluke. Anyone heard of anything like this before?
  7. Agriland RSS

    AFBI issues Nematodirus warning for Northern Ireland

    Written by Rachel Martin The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Veterinary Sciences Division has issued a warning over Nematodirus in Northern Ireland. Nematodirus worm infection in young lambs is a seasonal risk to lambs; however, this year, the institute warns larvae are hatching...
  8. Becs

    Quick cocci question...

    Do I need to give a Baycox dose to the lambs in the orphan pen? I did the rest of the lambs today but I’m scratching my head about the orphans that haven’t yet set foot out onto grass. Thanks
  9. U

    What should I vaccinate sheep for.

    Hi I come from a farming family who don't vaccinate for anything hoping to get animals to build up own immunity apart from bluetongue the 1st year which was a waste of money and I've married into a family that does vaccinate for a lot off things and now I got my own sheep about 15 charlais ewes...
  10. Agriland RSS

    One third of dairy farmers not implementing biosecurity measures

    Written by Agriland Team A 2020 survey carried out in the UK has confirmed that one in three dairy farmers do not fully implement biosecurity protocols. The list of shortcomings includes the use of the wrong disinfectants for the jobs in hand; incorrectly diluting disinfectants; and not having...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    Anpario reports sales and profits rise in challenging year

    Written by John Swire Strong trading, especially in the Americas, Europe and China, helped Anpario plc increase sales by five percent to £30.5m and profit before tax by 22 percent to £5.4m in its results for the year ended 31 December 2020. Anpario is a leading the independent manufacturer of...
  12. L

    Scouring lambs.

    Evening all. Looking some advise. January born suff cross lambs getting very dirty empty and dull. Would it be cocci or nematodirus? Would it be save to dose them with an noromectin and veccixon at the same time?
  13. toquark

    Shelter and rotational grazing

    I’m about to launch a small rotational grazing trial this year. Everything's set up and ready to roll, the only concern I have is the lack of shelter in some of the paddocks. The field is relatively flat and uniform (why it was chosen). Wouldn’t be an issue on days like today but when it’s 2...
  14. twizzel

    Cocci buckets for lambs

    Every year I have to dose my lambs for cocci so I was wondering if the brinnicombe buckets would be worth a try instead. Has anyone used them rather than relying on vecoxan? Only 35 lambs but more hassle getting them in to drench. Lambs are 10 days - 4 weeks old and just spotted one of the older...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Sheep producers urged to protect young lambs from preventable disease threats

    Written by William Kellett With lamb prices trending well ahead of last year and 78p/kg above the five-year average, UK sheep producers are being encouraged to protect valuable young lambs from preventable disease threats this spring. MSD animal health livestock veterinary adviser Dr. Kat...
  16. copse

    Orf in lambs

    Have a block of land where lambs get orf usually at about 3/4 weeks old. Ewes are all vaccinated with scabivax would it work if I vaccinated lambs when about 2 days old as they leave the lambing shed? Or could it cause more problems. Thanks
  17. Agriland RSS

    Helping break the cycle of disease at calving with effective biosecurity

    Written by Agriland Team Calving for any dairy farmer means late nights, early mornings and lots of hard work. So, it is vital that after all the hard work, farmers have the right conditions ready for the arrival of new calves. Effective and easy to follow biosecurity ensures optimum health and...
  18. A

    How to prevent abortion in sheep

    My sheep are In lamb and was wondering was there any injection that could prevent abortions.
  19. D

    diseases of a few pet hens

    Nephews & niece are going to have 6 hens & keep them in a flod unit/ark/chicken tractor. The hens will be end of lay from local free range farm Should I worry about coccidiosis or anything else. Because they live in a rather smart house, they need a tidy looking ark. I've offered to pay for...
  20. Onwards and Upwards

    Heptavac P reactions

    Being a sensible and efficient shepherd I used the only dry day for the foreseeable to heptavac my ewe lambs. Did the first 250. No issues. Changed bottles. 2 out of the next 10 started fitting and subsequently died as soon as they were off the Clamp. Changed bottles. Notified MSD and awaiting a...