1. JP1

    America's largest farmland owner (242,000 acres)

  2. Agriland RSS

    Concern remains but issues with ‘mixed origin’ milk have yet to transpire

    Written by Rachel Martin Despite concern, two weeks since the end of the Brexit withdrawal period, trade issues have yet to materialise over the combined processing of milk from Northern Ireland and the Republic. The issue raised its head again this week after Irish Foreign Affairs Minister...
  3. Cowgirl

    DNA testing

    So, as some of you will know, I have a bit of an interest in DNA testing in pedigree livestock. I wanted to ask people on here who do this a few questions which have occurred to me recently. 1 If you take samples at the request of your breed society, do you send the samples direct to a...
  4. Headless chicken


    What are others using? I’ve priced all the usual suspects. Current shed was soft bed supplied by Fairfield’s and I certainly like the rubber top cover. Saw some kraiburgs today and was suitably impressed but as there is no Matt underneath once is worn out that it I take it? As opposed to other...
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    NI farm borrowing up 9% according to Danske

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland farm borrowing has increased around 9% over the last financial year, mainly driven by investments in expansion and efficiency, according to one of the region’s main agricultural lenders. Speaking during a briefing for the Guild of Agricultural...
  6. C

    Cattle and camping

    Hi TFF, Like a lot of us, looking at camping diversification this year. We can't grow much grass in summer so could take a field out of the dairy grazing platform. Here's the question... How long between taking the cattle off the field, and letting the campers in? Cheers, CB
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    Arla aims to double sales to €600 million

    Written by Agriland Team Arla is fast tracking its plans to become Europe’s e-commerce leader within the dairy sector. The dairy co-op aims to double its sales via its customers’ online platforms to €600 million within the next five years. 9,700 milk producers in Denmark, Sweden, the UK...
  8. TFF

    Statement from Red Tractor

    Due to the number of threads on TFF at the moment, we have requested a statement from Red Tractor to see if they will be taking into account what indiviudal farmers are saying and the overwhelming numbers on the two polls.
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    Dairy market analysis: Prices push higher amid strong demand

    Written by Agriland Team European dairy commodity prices pushed higher in recent weeks as strong demand continues to outweigh good milk supplies, according to multi-national financial services firm StoneX. In a breakdown of where the market is at the moment to AgriLand, Dr. Peter Meehan...
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    Dairy advice: Tips for milking during Covid-19

    Written by Agriland Team With the country under current Covid-19 restrictions, it’s important that dairy farmers begin planning for the 2021 season. Most dairy farms will employ someone during the busy spring period or as a relief milker throughout the year. If you haven’t already done so, it...
  11. B

    Should I be annoyed?

    I just spotted an implement, a customer of ours has swapped for another brand, but didn’t ask me for a quote to swap...no problems there, it’s a free world and down to personal choice, but the machine was bought off patch, then when we started we took over a machinery franchise, and looked after...
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    Hauliers urge government to act as customs chaos wreaks havoc on agri-food supply chains

    Written by Rachel Martin With additional reporting by Sylvester Phelan Hauliers claim vital parts of UK customs guidance were not made public until just hours before the Brexit transition period ended on December 31, as UK and Irish supply chains descend into chaos. Over the last few days...
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    Dairy-Tech 2021 to move online due to Covid-19 concerns

    Written by William Kellett The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has taken the decision to alter the format of Dairy-Tech 2021 due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns by hosting a series of online events over two weeks from February 3 to February 17. A spokesperson for the RABDF...
  14. onesiedale

    Food education at Groundswell 2021

    @martian Just listening to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the radio and can't help but think that a 'food education' aspect would add an extra, but logical, dimension to Groundswell. Not only would it help promote healthy food and eating but also demonstrate to decision and policy makers (and...
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    Lakeland Dairies sets milk price for December

    Written by Agriland Team Lakeland Dairies has become the latest processor to announce its milk price for December, revealing a held base price with a December bonus. In the Republic of Ireland, a base price of 32.28c/L including VAT and lactose bonus will be paid for milk supplied in December...
  16. C

    H & s check before feed delivery

    Has anybody else had to have a health and safety visit before feed can be delivered?? Had a phone call this morning to say h & s will be here at 12.30 before 4tonne of ewe feed can be delivered.( The same company have delivered here in the past)
  17. V

    Dairy/Calving Placement

    Hello, I am a first year vet student from Harper & Keele Vet School looking for a diary/calving placement with accommodation provided for the summer. I am looking for a 2 week placement at a farm with at least 100 dairy cattle. I do not have dairy/calving experience but am extremely...
  18. wellingtonfarmer

    Licensed Abbatoir

    A friend wants to put a small scale Abbatoir up so he can kill animals everyone other week to put through his butchery or for home kills. Does anyone have any experience of what he needs to do to do it to become an official Abbatoir?
  19. J.Taylor Photography.

    Looking For Work Self employed experienced farm worker - Shropshire

    Hi, I'm 26, self employed and based on the outskirts of Telford. Provide pickup stocked with tools, Arc welder, strimmer's, lawn mowers, Wheelbarrows, brushes, shovels ect..... Looking for arable, stock, ground work, land maintenance work. Anything I can turn my hand too. Mig welding cert...
  20. L

    New Campaign at change. org


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