1. Bogweevil

    Good news for potato growers

    Rejoice, oat and soya milk be boggered, we have potato milk: https://dugdrinks.com/about-us/ The fly in this ointment is that it is Swedish spuds. Lets not bring this up in the dairy forum.
  2. Agriland RSS

    49% want to reduce carbon footprint through food choices

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland Half (49%) of UK consumers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint through the food choices they make in 2022, a survey has found. It reveals that there has been a significant consumer shift towards more eco-conscious attitudes surrounding...
  3. Hilly

    Cutting back .

    I’ve noticed in conversation loads of people I know not just farmers either are cutting back , all say same thing sick of working hard to earn then get massive tax’s to pay etc etc recon they can do just as well with less, are others hearing this regular or is it just me ?
  4. Agriland RSS

    Lively trade at Taaffe Auctions’ first spring sales

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Taaffe Auctions kicked off its spring dairy sales last week in Carnaross on Wednesday (January 19) and Dungannon on Thursday (January 20). Recent dairy sales have seen a lively trade, with many farmers looking to boost numbers. This trend has continued...
  5. H

    Opinions on this farm scenario?

    So I've been thinking of returning home to farm with my 70 yr old father who's struggling to find good full time labour and is naturally slowing down. I'm working off farm full time but really have an urge to leave the office job and come home (option of career break). If I'm going to do this...
  6. C

    If McDonalds ever went 100% Plant based what would the impact on the beef trade be ??

    In undertaking some scientific research recently I bought a McPlant and Veggie Dippers as well as a Big Mac and chicken selects. ( contrary to popular belief I didn’t eat them all myself!) but undertook a taste test result was :- McPlant tasted very similar to the Big Mac… the plant burger...
  7. Devon lad

    Staff salary vs hourly

    Just wondered what peoples opinions are on the subject. I’ve got a pretty good young lad who works for me who has always been on hourly but a good consultant has advised I put him on salary. I’m struggling to see any benefits to either of us other than even wage profile every month as we are...
  8. andybk

    Reparing creep feeders

    Anyone have an success mending holes in creep feeders with fibreglass sheets , like the car repair stuff, the riveted steel sheet only seems to last a few years before rust starts again, its always the awkward corners that get it and steel is a pain to shape cr
  9. waterbuffalofarmer


    I hope this is ok to post in this section. Many of you are aware, and I want to thank those that have helped in sending me properties to apply for, etc, that our tenancy is up at the end of March. The farm is being sold soon after, we think. At the moment we have some options we are looking...
  10. Grahamc94

    Adding a new breed to a suckler herd

    We are currently running Angus & Hereford bulls with cows and heifers and I’m in the past we’ve also ran a limousin as well. Looking to re introduce an easy calving limousin in the near future but also looking for another breed (tired stabiliser and it wasn’t great). Looking for a breed with...
  11. M

    Silage slippage

    Wondering if any one has found away to Stop silage slippage. My 1st cut has slipped the last few years even tho it’s 30 +% dry matter
  12. john432

    Clamp silage spreader/ leveler?

    Is anyone using one of these or similar on a clamp? Looks ideal for use with a wagon unloading on the clamp.
  13. S

    Lots of calves dieing

    This year has been awful... we lost a few new born calves and we realised what was wrong with them and fixed that (mainly a combination of mild summer, plenty of grass, fat cattle even when they had calves suckling then this winter has not been harsh weatherwise so cows are not struggling to...
  14. Barleycorn

    Excellent article about rewilding

  15. montys

    antibiotic failures appeals

    cow cut teat had ubro red milked in dump bucket day 12 went in by missstake delvo test tank cow and tank sample to dairy hauler how delvo to cow failed my tank passed and all so the hailer but after collection the load sample from my tank nmr lab produced a failer . is nmr using...
  16. Agriland RSS

    Inaugural Great British Calf Week to take place in February

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The inaugural Great British Calf Week will take place between February 2 and February 9, to celebrate the progress that has been made by the industry since the launch of the GB Dairy Calf Strategy in 2020 and raise awareness of the work of the strategy...
  17. Agriland RSS

    DAERA postgraduate students to benefit from £800,000 research scheme

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland An annual £800,000 research programme for postgraduate students to help promote innovation and develop the science base in Northern Ireland has been opened by Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Edwin Poots. The 2022 DAERA Postgraduate...
  18. sjt01

    EA, river pollution and the BBC

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0013hkp go to 4 mins 30 secs in. Farming is not the problem!
  19. I

    AHA land swap fair?

    First off I am a long term member of tff, I have a lot of respect for the members and the wealth of knowledge that I've gleaned from here is vast, but due to the nature of this subject I've decided to post this with some anonymity. we farm just over 250acres of mixed farming in Shropshire...
  20. D

    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    Nothing to do with poltics or unfaithful partners. I found a trio of dead rats in the barn, half grown & then loading some small bales, I saw another one same size but very much alive. It dived between two bales but its tail was visible, should I have grabbed it.