1. Ray


    Fodder beet for sale. All cleaned and hand graded for stones, trash and clods. Ideal for root cutters and diet mixers. Excellent quality with regular supply and nationwide delivery. Please call with postcode for delivered price. 07860212800. Malton, N.Yorkshire. Thanks.
  2. A

    Plastic in animal feed

    Hi All, I'm a journalist researching a story about hidden plastic that farmers / smallholders have been finding in their animal feed. I was wondering if any of you had noticed this issue? Or if you could keep a look out for it... It's been found in feed that is made from recycled...
  3. F

    Goat Feed

    Hi all. Hope this is the correct place to post. I have just bought some wether goats (Nubians) but have heard all sorts of conflicting information about feed. I was advised to use this feed by goat farmer: https://www.smallholderfeed.co.uk/products/goats/all-round-goat-mix/ And it says on the...
  4. Joe2021

    On Farm Mill and Mix Plant

    HI All, I use around 1500 tons of pig feed a year and I'm looking to set up a static mill mix plant or buy Caravaggi or Artsway machine. Has anyone got some advice on cost and experience of on farm mill mixing? Is it worth the extra work load and investment? Mobile mill mix costing £17 per ton...
  5. M

    Alternatives to feeding ewes soya or palm products

    Hi Can anyone suggest a compound bagged ewe feed, preferably rolls, to give to our mule flock pre-lambing. I am trying to avoid soya and any palm products as they are so damaging to the rain forests of S America but need a feed with 18% protein (of which at least 5% is DUP).
  6. mixed breed

    Catch crops 2018

    Sowed our sheep keep into dust a month or so ago. Having had very little rain since its not hard to see why some crops are struggling. A couple of fields of turnips look awful and desperately need a drink, the rape is not too bad, but the mustard has really marched away. A real mixed bag...
  7. E

    Motor for batch mixer

    I have acquired a alvan blanche horizontal meal mixer it will hold about a ton. It has had the motor removed. Could anyone tell me what size motor I require to run it and what speed it will need to run at I only have a single phase supply I don't know of this matters. TIA
  8. A

    Feed Barley

    I’m looking to buy some feed barley, preferably Ireland (north or south) but would consider further afield. Any moisture considered.
  9. W

    Brewers Waste Free to Take Away Lancashire

    We are a micro brewery operating in Blackpool, Lancashire. We produce between 200 to 400kg of malt per week as a by-product of the brewing process. It is free to take away for anyone who wants it. It consists of grains that we have added hot water to in order to extract the sugars. What is...
  10. Verity92

    Fodder beet & Sheep

    I'm looking to feed some beet to my pregnant ewes and to help fatten lambs with, for the first time this year. With around 40 ewes and 70 lambs to go at, roughly how many tonne will keep them happy if they're getting concentrates too? Bonus question would be knowing someone with some willing to...
  11. J

    Wanted 22/24/26MT Split Yellow Maize ExMill or Delivered

    Hi, I want to source 22MT Split Yellow Maize 22x1000Kg Totes ExMill or Delivered to Rotherham S66. We can handle 1000Kg tote bags or small packs 20/25Kg 26 pallets. Normally 22 tote bags can be loaded on to a artic curtainsider, but if you can load more I will take more 24/26 if the totes fit...
  12. G

    Feed Efficiency Dissertation Questionnaire

    Dear Dairy Farmers, I am currently undertaking my dissertation whilst studying BSc Agriculture at the University of Reading. I am conducting a study examining feed efficiency in dairy cows. The study seeks to identify factors that vary feed efficiency within a dairy herd as well as between...
  13. C

    Wood Pellet Haulage Needed

    Good Morning, I work for a company who distribute the Wood Pellets in and around the UK - We are currently looking for a tipper/blower vehicle that is available for hire. If you do have one or know anyone that does could you please send me a message or reply on the forum below? Thankyou!
  14. B

    FREE: Spent Malt from Micro Brewery (Cumbernauld, Scotland)

    Hi there, I'm just posting on the off-chance that any livestock farmers / small holders near Cumbernauld want some spent grain from a new micro brewery in Lenziemill Industrial Estate. We're only small - about 200kg of wet mashed malt per week. Can be left out and you can be notified to pick...
  15. Niknak

    Feeding Sheep - Advice Wanted

    Hi all, I'm new to sheep and looking for advice on feeding them. I only have 5, so very small scale and are and always will be pets. My grass is quite mossy and they have gone through most of the grass already. I do need to do some work on the quality of the grass. I'm feeding them hay every day...
  16. Merston Peters

    Situation Vacant Ruminant Feed Specialists – 5045

    LOCATION MIDLANDS, NORTHERN ENGLAND & SCOTLAND SECTOR MANUFACTURER CONTRACT PERMANENT HOURS FULLTIME SALARY ATTRACTIVE REMUNERATION PACKAGE Birds of a feather…. Mole Valley is fast becoming the business that progressive farmers associate with the delivery of tangible value and forward...
  17. S

    Thinking of Going Organic? Opportunities in Arable Farming - 3 March (Oxfordshire)

    A workshop for arable farmers considering going organic. Find out more about organic production techniques and market opportunities currently available in the UK. Thursday 3 March 2016 9:30 to 14:30. Oxfordshire Click here for more details and to register The Soil Association in association...
  18. S

    Thinking of Going Organic? Opportunities in Arable Farming - 1 March

    A workshop for arable farmers considering going organic. Find out more about organic production techniques and market opportunities currently available in the UK. Tuesday 1 March 2016 9:30 to 14:30. Chilford Hall Conference Centre & Vinyard, Balsham Road, Linton, CB21 4LE Click here for more...

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