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    Dairy Focus: Mohoncross Holstein starting with 9 calves

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland In this week’s Dairy Focus, Agriland made the trip to the rowing stronghold of Skibbereen, west Cork, to Jerry Hegarty of the Mohoncross Holstein herd. Jerry, alongside his wife and three children, Alice, Emily and Dermot, is currently milking 100...
  2. C

    E10 Petrol.

    This 'save the planet' Fuel came onto our forecourts today. Not compatible with older vehicles and any sort of Strimmer/ chainsaw/ Ride-on/Quad or anything that is an older model. E5, the old stuff will still be available for a while in some areas. No information on the Gov page. Going to email...
  3. T

    Weevil in over-yeared wheat

    Laziness on my part, I left a ton of last years wheat in the bottom of a 20 ton kongskilde wooden drying bin. Started wheat other day and filled up the bin and put the fan on and loads of beetles or weevils have come out of the perforated side, little brown devils no more than 2mm length...
  4. bobk

    Ivermectin , covid cure

    Commonly used in Asia , sounds well dodgy
  5. Chris F

    New Crop Protection products

    As part of Farm Compare, it has a basic lookup for crop protection products to allow you to lookup products and find equivalents. We get this data from the HSE. What I didn't realise is how fast this data changes. over the past 17 months we have been monitoring the list, there have been 346...
  6. bobk

    Barley volunteers in wheat

    Due to the last 12 months weather my already shattered rotation means I've followed sb with wheat ( didn't want to grow it ) anyway we sowed 3 days after finishing combining . So we have a volunteer issue , is frost my friend ? doesn't appears to be any chems available that will kill the stuff.
  7. A

    Late drilling of OSR to avoid CSFB.

    After the disaster of last year where we were badly infected by CSFB, we are (were) planning of drilling a greatly reduced area of OSR to see if we could establish a viable crop after the migration. Anyone else doing it?, if so how late were you planning on going, here in mid Lincolnshire I am...
  8. S

    Insecticide on spring barley.

    Finding the odd aphid on spring barley, not used an insecticide for quite a few years now. Anyone else using an insecticide this early in the season. Is Bydv a problem is spring crops?
  9. Worsall

    LERAP and Buffer Recording

    Anyone found a comprehensive and easy way to do it?
  10. W

    Pea and bean weevil

    Any tips on Pea and bean weavil control in spring beans? Product choice, rate, water volumes, time of spraying ?? Do any make any difference? Have got reasonable, rolled seedbeds and some fields are getting hit hard despite having been sprayed. Others have little damage. They are what they are...
  11. JCMaloney

    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    One of the joys of working for the NHS is exposure to lurgy`s. I`m normally in fine fettle, not had a day off sick in my 14 years in the job. Until yesterday. Felt a bit "blurgh" on Monday but thought it was just a cold or the like, no reason to panic. Work on my own in my own office so...
  12. ajd132

    Orange oil for autumn/winter aphid control

    Have heard good things but can’t find much about it. Any experiences?
  13. steveR

    Bye bye W7!

    Sadly, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom are pulling the plug on Windows 7. I guess luddites like me who still have faith and trust in the long established, cheap to run and non intrusive OS are not really generating much income for MS now....? Rather sad really, as my experiences of the...
  14. C


    I have Just received an invoice for a Disc arm including hub (genuine) for a Vaderstad Topdown For £333 (£308 after discount) and seen on a Site a whole kit advertised for £88.50, the Question is are genuine bits worth that much more? my fault for not asking price...
  15. cotswold farmer 1977

    Flea Beetle 2019

    Is this the calm before the storm? Drilled with a Cousins V Form microwing a week ago today?
  16. roscoe erf

    spraying potatoes

    B.B.C 2 Horizon last night just said that the average potato crop is sprayed 32 times in a growing season?! Anyone got any comments? pretty sure I heard it right I can't remember them being sprayed that much when we grew them
  17. L

    OSR And The Dreaded Flea Beetle

    There must be a huge amount of OSR establishment on here with trying to establish OSR in the face of ever increasing pressure from Flea Beetle. If we all share what has worked and more importantly what hasn't worked we might be able to see some sort of trend? Perhaps someone has used a novel...
  18. Jack Russell

    Spray operator health check

    Not sure which section this should be in, but we have always offered a health check for the spray operator. They have never been bothered about it before but have now decided to do it. Does anyone else do this and if so what do you ask for when you go to the doctor? Is it just a check up and...
  19. News

    Growth leads to new HQ and state of the art labs in Dublin

    Life Scientific the Irish based R&D crop protection company goes from strength to strength with the recent opening of its new state of the art offices and laboratories in Dublin. This move reflects the ambitions of the company that plans for €100m global sales by 2022 based on bringing 20...
  20. L

    Wood gasification boilers

    I would like to know of anyone has any experience of these, got a house on the farm that needs it heating system updated, don't want to do the pellet boiler route and with no mains gas it would mean putting a tank in for gas or oil, it's currently heated by modern electric convection radiators...