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    Hutchinsons partner with SpaceSense to provide satellite imagery for growers

    Written by William Kellett Hutchinsons, a leading provider of agronomic services in the UK, has announced a partnership with SpaceSense, a startup specialised in satellite imagery analytics. The partnership centers around providing satellite-derived field insights for their growers in...
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    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer

    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer For award-winning Worcestershire arable farmer Jonathan Boaz using farmyard manure to improve organic matter in his soils is key. Mr Boaz won the 2016 British Farming Innovator of the Year award. Farming a total of 243ha, soils...
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    App takes crop walking to new level

    App takes crop walking to new level A new version of the Omnia Scout app has been launched to make it easier for growers and agronomists to share crop walking information and update field records remotely. The iOS app is a complete rebuild of the original Omnia Field Scout app, that allows...
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    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower Digital mapping systems in horticultural crops, particularly top fruit and hops, are not yet as widely used as in broad-acre arable crops, but more growers are realising the potential benefits for improving consistency, yield and...
  5. A

    Mapping drains

    Got some fairly ancient (1970’s) drains here, most still work, I’ve got all the paper maps, would love to get them all on one plan and verify the outfalls by GPS as and when I go round doing the ditches. Has any one done anything like this and what software/system did you use? Even better if...
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    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm Five years ago, when people started talking about Digital Farming and Big Data, most were not sure what this was or how it related to field base crop production. Since then, writes Keith Norman, the speed of technical...
  7. le bon paysan


    All traffic into the EU from UK is stopped from 11pm to night. Boris didn't realise that on declaring a new variant " spreading uncontrollably " in the UK, used to control the UK population, to the WHO, every other country would shut its borders!
  8. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire
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    Hutchinsons Helix farm network continues to expand

    Hutchinsons Helix farm network continues to expand Hutchinsons is delighted to announce the addition of Hundayfield farm to its network of Helix regional demonstration farms. Owned by Nick and Liz Wilson, Hundayfield farm just outside York is the northern region Helix demonstration farm in...
  10. Wolds Beef

    Article from Farmers Guardian - Farming with ME

    Having corresponded with @Chris F I am posting this article here. I have 2 reasons for doing so. Firstly it is a good article about an invisible problem, my only daughter suffers from the same problem and really struggles to get out of the House. We also have Cattle, in fact we have a Pedigree...
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    Omnia hits 1000 users

    Omnia hits 1000 users Omnia the revolutionary precision agronomy software tool launched by Hutchinsons in 2014 has just registered its 1000th user. Adam Silvester of WA Silvester Ltd, Dunhampton Farm, near Droitwich in Worcestershire signed up to Omnia’s current free access offer and as the...
  12. Danllan

    Joe Biden...

    Rather horribly, and very sadly, I've come to the conclusion that Joe Biden has some form of dementia; I've not the ability to diagnose it properly but, as with Ronald Reagan in his second term in office, I know it when I see it. :( I've been looking very carefully at his recent 'appearances'...
  13. W

    Baling contractors

    Any recommendations in the Herts,Beds and Cambs border
  14. Themonkeyboy

    Variable rate prescription maps data processing software app

    Newbie to the forum although long time viewer. With recent updates to hardware and software on our 24m sprayer, we now have the ability to apply prescription maps at individual nozzle resolution. Now my search continues for some useful data to put into the sprayer... I am starting simple and...
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    Stand TerraMap & Omnia - Make the most of precision technology

    Welcome to the Omnia and TerraMap stand. The central idea behind Omnia was to create a platform which could host, manage and inform, rather than just store data, putting the user in control. As a result, we decided early on to adopt an open approach, developing Omnia to connect to other...
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    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity

    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity With environmental stewardship becoming a more important income source post-subsidy reform, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons is giving growers an insight into how features can be practically integrated into productive arable...
  17. Clive

    Crazy yet desperate irrigation ideas !

    VERY silly idea (but that’s what forums are for) .......... could you use a sprayer fed water by an umbilical system to irrigate crops ? 36m going as slow as possible (so extremely slow on cvt ) on auto steer so you could take the man out the cab with runs taking hours to complete just...
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    Climate tool added to Omnia digital agronomy platform

    Written by Jamie Day Agronomy services supplier Hutchinsons is making the latest addition to its Omnia precision agriculture platform – a climate monitoring and prediction module – free to UK growers for a trial period. Omnia’s Climate module, using weather data is generated through global...
  19. Steevo

    Farm Software/Big Data

    I've been meaning to put a thread on here for the past week but another email today prompted me to do just that. I've noticed 3-4 companies have now offered decision making cropping software. First off was a post on TFF regarding trialling "Crop Monitor" online software to aid decision making...
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    Innovation Showcase – Always take the weather with you

    Written by cpm A new climate module on Hutchinsons precision platform – Omnia – means growers are now able to benefit from a number of crop modelling systems, tried and tested at the company’s Helix farm in Northants. CPM finds out more. We’re really keen to ensure that all data collected has a...